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Novermber 2016

Moved host! If you visited over the last month you may have seen the site disappear or strange issues... I had to move all my sites to a new Web Host a place on the internets that these website things work, all that means is... will continue to be here for you.

For you webmasters new host is A2 Hosting, I highly recommend it. Price, speed, service, choice of server location around the world, better control, their ticket system is the best service I have ever used.

Old host was Bluehost... lets just say this, Bluehost = self harm. It was like having bots that keep shooting you in the head... but they are on your team.

July 2016

Site clean up.

Sorry to any user that had a membership account deleted... the spammers created thousands of accounts and hundreds of spam articles in the past 3 weeks. More security has been added and the forum cleaned up. 

Waypointing news.  

"New Discovery: Auto-generating SturmBot Waypoints!" Link to article... Day of Defeat Steam Forums by RichNagel

This may interest some of the more adventurous users of SturmBot who like to waypoint. Basically the bot program has it roots in HPB bot, Rich describes an interesting hidden feature for auto waypoints.

NOTE: I have copied the steam forum post and it is also on this site with a download mirror of the tools he mentioned.

June 2015

Quite a jump in news updates, but thats how this topic is, SturmBot's day was a long time ago and changes are very rare indeed. But, we have movement!

Newsflash: "Day of Defeat Beta 1.3 dedicated server working over WON2 with Sturmbot and clients!"

YouTuber "colors" has a report to share - Want to run a on-line server with one of the oldest versions of dod and StrumBot and don't know how?

"colors" includes a video and also a huge amount of handy information to get you going, the link is here. Don't forget to Scroll down and click the "Show More" for the great tutorial. I will attempt to add this to the Tutorial section and credit the Author.

colors...this is awesome. Thanks, every little piece helps.

Here is the video...

November 2014

This site went through a large system upgrade, if you see anything wrong let me know please. Use the "CONTACT" menu link above.

October 2014

The comments function has been disabled, thanks for those that commented, sorry... it had to go because this time Chinese and Indonesian spammers found a way around the spam filter.

January 2014

Have not played dod for a while? It is fun even with Bots. Maybe you have forgotten how great dod is ...



December 2013

Upgrade: The site and forums went through an upgrade, this is a normal security process, if you see something wrong let me know here or post in the forums.

Faster web site? We will see! In the new year, or just after 27th Dec 2013 I am also moving my Hosting to faster servers, dodbits and this site speed should improve a little.

dod Mapping downloads: I see two more long standing dod mapping download sites are gone! has database issues and is gone completely. That is sad news.

More downloads here? OK.... so they are dropping off here and there. Don't worry I will not drop out. At this time of year I upgrade some of my smaller websites.Time to step up and make sure you have a place to download maps and other custom files for that matter. I will poke around and see what is on my hard disks at home here.


INsane ( Webmaster


Older news:

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Sturmbot is an addon single player "bot" for the multiplayer game day of defeat, (dod). If you have the Half Life 1 mod day of defeat 1.3 for steam then you can install Sturmbot and play a local game with up to 31 "players".

There are many facets to the program, you can download a simple to use installer here on this site ready to play with 600+ maps, (600 waypoint files in the install not maps) and also find some hard to get custom files for Day of Defeat as well.

You can learn to waypoint your own maps and upload them here for others. Playing Stumbot has a lot of settings, skill level, funmodes, class selection. If you like dod you will find bots can be a lot of fun.... give it a go, download the installer and frag some bots.

Sturmbot has had a few sites over the years and all the places are mostly gone, I hope this site corrects that. I am not the developer of Sturmbot, the developer was Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo.

Johan perished while vacationing in Thailand when the Tsunami hit, he was listed as missing. There are some bits of info' on the web that some family members also died. 

Enough was rescued for the program to function with the latest steam dod1.3. This site is dedicated to lost files so Johan's work does not disappear.

I will add all the sections soon so for now its a little bare. This site just holds what is gone from other sites now long disappeared.

I also intend to place downloads and articles for Day of Defeat, all versions that are not Day of Defeat:Source related, Steam and presteam versions.

My other site is, I thought it would be nice if Sturmbot had a place of its own.

To see how they play look at this video from YouTube user "Justallinoneresource"...


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