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Looking for an easy to install dod single player bot?

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I am re-thinking this decision I made in Dec 2018...

This website will be retired in 2019.

How about you donate a small amount and we keep SturmBot alive? 

See the donate button above (dodbits PayPal Button above right). 

There's a good reason:

The cost of hosting ($400 USD per year to help others like you!!!) I am seeking another web host /deal to cut costs and maybe this site will stay.

The problem is you guys mostly have an adblocker on, AD revenue from google is now... almost $0, I don't like ads either... but I have been supporting you guys since 2005, and the Ads did help pay.

Without the ad revenue I am paying 95% of the running costs - to help you. It isn't fair or sustainable.

Also, there was major health, time and financial family impacts over the past year, these are slowly improving but I still need to reduce my spending. This site was paid for in 2018, it may not be in 2019. 

Both and MAY  be deleted past September 2019.

Throw a buck or two in and I think I can keep it going up to 2023!

INsane. (webmaster and

Up to you guys, donate and I will see what I can do to keep alive.


Sturmbot is an addon single player "bot" for the multiplayer game day of defeat, (dod).

If you have the Half Life 1 mod day of defeat 1.3 for steam then you can install Sturmbot from the downloads on this site (free) and play in singleplayer mode!

What is Sturmbot? 

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Want to play day of defeat in single player?

Just two steps.

  1. Buy Day of Defeat from Steam
  2. Windows users best way to install the bots (Free)
A DoD documentary by simosimo

Quote 6:17 in the video: Even though the half life one engine looked like arse even back in 2003, I can honestly remember being floored by the immersion levels, the sound, the detailed weapon models were simply amazing for the time.


8:53: I think the actual immersion of dod was the fact that everything looked poor and your mind filled in the gap, much like reading a book. 

There are many facets to the program, you can download a simple to use installer here on this site ready to play with 600+ maps, (600 waypoint files in the install not maps) and also find some hard to get custom files for Day of Defeat as well.

You can learn to waypoint your own maps and put them here for others (Contact the Webmaster). Playing Stumbot has a lot of settings, skill level, funmodes, class selection.

If you like dod you will find bots can be a lot of fun.... give it a try, download the installer and frag some bots.

Sturmbot has had a few sites over the years and all the places are mostly gone, I hope this site corrects that. I am not the developer of Sturmbot, the developer was Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo.

Johan Linde
Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo

Sadly, Johan perished while vacationing in Thailand when the 2004 Tsunami hit, he was listed as missing.

There are some bits of info' on the web that some family members also died. 

Enough was rescued for the program to function with the latest steam dod1.3. This site is dedicated to lost files so Johan's work does not disappear.

I will add all the sections soon so for now its a little bare. This site just holds what is gone from other sites now long disappeared.

I also intend to place downloads and articles for Day of Defeat, all versions that are not Day of Defeat:Source related, Steam and presteam versions.

My other site is, I thought it would be nice if Sturmbot had a place of its own.




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