Single player mode for Day of Defeat

What is Sturmbot?

A singleplayer mod for a WW2 game Day of Defeat

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May 2017                              

I will make up for all the updates I have not done in this month.

SPUF (Steam Powered Users Forum) End of Life June 5th, 2017 (in other words... the old Steam forums will be killed)

Well, no one is using them anyway? Valve are going to turn off the forums on that day. See the announcement link here.

Steam will still have a discussion section about the game but it is in the Steam community discussion section now. Here is the Day of Defeat Steam Community page.

There is a lot of content in the old forums on day of defeat, tutorials and links from people now gone and will not be replaced.

Pity.. but we all move on. Maybe, in the post Apocalypse days the wayback machine will save some data? 

But, there are some good posts in the dod community discusion page, one from Livewire was a ripper, images of the old dod team!

That reminds me... I will try and update my Steam Community page/s INsane [dodbits] I have never really used it and I should use that and the other Steam community pages to answer questions.

"All about this site" update. Will I abandon you too... no?

Just a quick note that I funded this site for another year.

Also an Ad blocker pop-up is installed, sorry for the inconvenience but this site is only getting around USD $0.05 in revenue each month. Not much to ask to at least make the site visible via a couple of clicks? If it pisses you off, email me why I don't mind.

I may delete that... whats the point annoying people anyway.

Also changed is membership to post in the forums, the amount of Russian bots constantly hammering for membership and to post spam... membership is now manual approval only, it will take time to approve. If you have a .ru or other similar email domain addresses spammers use, your application may also be deleted. Sorry... blame the hackers and spammers killing internet content. The internet was for two way conversations with humans... but they want a one way conversation with a bot. Not me or others who come here for a game add-on.

I will likely close the membership and the forums off completely this month... like Valve did, leave the forums there and just use the Steam Community pages instead, it is becoming to hard... impossible to have an open conversation with other gamers free of scamming and hacking fuckwits selling penis enlargements.

Just kidding on the penis bit, mostly it's dating sites they are selling. Go away from the keyboard and visit a bar, talk to a girl perhaps guys? It worked for me every time. 

Enjoy the dod bot add-ons here.


Older news:


November 2016

Moved host! If you visited over the last month you may have seen the site disappear or strange issues... I had to move all my sites to a new Web Host a place on the internet that these website things work, all that means is... will continue to be here for you.

For you webmasters new host is A2 Hosting, I highly recommend it. Price, speed, service, choice of server location around the world, better control, their ticket system is the best service I have ever used.

Old host was Bluehost... lets just say this, Bluehost = self harm. It was like having bots that keep shooting you in the head... but they are on your team.

July 2016

Site clean up.

Sorry to any user that had a membership account deleted... the spammers created thousands of accounts and hundreds of spam articles in the past 3 weeks. More security has been added and the forum cleaned up. 

Waypointing news.  

"New Discovery: Auto-generating SturmBot Waypoints!" Link to article... Day of Defeat Steam Forums by RichNagel

This may interest some of the more adventurous users of SturmBot who like to waypoint. Basically the bot program has it roots in HPB bot, Rich describes an interesting hidden feature for auto waypoints.

NOTE: I have copied the steam forum post and it is also on this site with a download mirror of the tools he mentioned.

November 2014

This site went through a large system upgrade, if you see anything wrong let me know please. Use the "CONTACT" menu link above.

October 2014

The comments function has been disabled, thanks for those that commented, sorry... it had to go because this time Chinese and Indonesian spammers found a way around the spam filter.

January 2014

Have not played dod for a while? It is fun even with Bots. Maybe you have forgotten how great dod is ...

December 2013

Upgrade: The site and forums went through an upgrade, this is a normal security process, if you see something wrong let me know here or post in the forums.

Faster web site? We will see! In the new year, or just after 27th Dec 2013 I am also moving my Hosting to faster servers, dodbits and this site speed should improve a little.

dod Mapping downloads: I see two more long standing dod mapping download sites are gone! has database issues and is gone completely. That is sad news.

More downloads here? OK.... so they are dropping off here and there. Don't worry I will not drop out. At this time of year I upgrade some of my smaller websites.Time to step up and make sure you have a place to download maps and other custom files for that matter. I will poke around and see what is on my hard disks at home here.


INsane ( Webmaster

August 2913

11 Aug 2013: I have updated a couple of things today, an install guide for windows. Based on Johan's older pre steam guide with my up to date edits.

StrumBot loader 1.2 by E.Rommel added to the downloads here.

July 2013

Added more download files, each one has a slight pain attached, I need to fix files and file addresses, some downloads are very old and need a little fix. Adding downloads will require that I test each download, so it may take a while...

  • Updated Skin pack for a British to total Australian conversion, all aspects, check it out here
  • All the older pre steam Strumbot versions for dod 3.1 beata and below. See them here.
  • Added a 22 map pack of the best custom maps, these have been checked and even fixed if missing files were found, made for the new SteamPipe system! Get the map pack here.


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