Single player mode for Day of Defeat

SturmBot is a easy to install add-on program that adds "bots" to the WW2 based 3D multi-player game Day of Defeat, (also known as "dod",  wiki here) making it a single-player game.

If you have Day of Defeat for Steam or the older versions please visit the downloads section for the latest SturmBot packages for dod Steam version or older dod versions.

Most recent package is Sturmbot 1.9 for Steam dod version 2

Here is a page that shows what version of SturmBot works with each dod version.

Sturmbot has had a few sites over the years and all the places are mostly gone, reasons are below. I hope this site corrects that.

About the creator of SturmBot - Johan Linde: I am not the developer of Sturmbot, the developer was Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo.

Johan perished while vacationing in Thailand when the Tsunami hit, he was listed as missing. There are some bits of info' on the web that some family members also died. 

Enough was rescued for the program to function with the latest steam dod1.3. This site is dedicated to lost files so Johan's work does not disappear.

I will add all the sections soon so for now its a little bare. This site just holds what is gone from other sites now long disappeared.

I also intend to place downloads and articles for Day of Defeat, all versions that are not Day of Defeat:Source related, Steam and pre-steam versions.

My other site is, I thought it would be nice if Sturmbot had a place of its own.

The latest Source code I know of is 17b in the downloads section along with the best files I could find to do with anything SturmBot. The main index for all downloads is here.

Here is a more in depth story of what happened to the Linde family.

Remembering Johan Linde, the creator of Sturmbot

I have repeated here in a PNG in case that page goes away and this site is still around...

Johan Linde 1

Johan Linde 2



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