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5 years 7 months ago #13 by Mikesla

First I have to apologize for promising to make a video introducing your website to my YT members, and taking so long. I forgot, and just today it popped into my head.

Sorry. Here is the link to intro video, and I hope we can keep this alive, and kicking for Johan, and his family.

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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #14 by INsane
"New" version to test soon made by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel (actually over a year old but not many know of it)

He has a nice little stash of stuff here...

Download of that new .dll is here...


SturmBot v1.7 "Stosstruppe" and "Scharfschütze" Bot Class Fix

The Sturmbot v1.7 AI bot addon for Day of Defeat suffers from a problem that
causes any bots that are of the Stosstruppe Axis team class (bots with a K43
rifle) to hardly ever attack.

I have previously hosted quite a few games were all of my buddies that were on
the Axis team noticed this problem, saying "I've got a SturmBot here who has 0
kills and 20 deaths!"... but I simply chalked that up to "luck" (or lack
thereof), and was glad that SturmBot wasn't on MY team LOL!

Recently I've performed a few tests on my own that confirm this problem with
the "Stosstruppe" axis team class SturmBots. Any bots that are of this class
(or have a K43 rifle for their weapon) will only occasionally use grenades, or
occasionally attack with a few rifle head-butts or their pistols. But other
than that, they will NEVER fire their K43 rifles.

Lastly, there is also a problem with ALL versions of SturmBot that prevents any
Scharfschütze Axis team class bots (bots with a K98 sniper rifle) from spawning
on any Axis Paratrooper maps.

The "cls_k98s" entry in the "Sturm_Bot.dll" file was inadvertently named
"cls_sniper", and is directly responsible for this problem.

The hex-edited "Sturm_Bot.dll" file included in this archive fixes these two
problems. There are three "Sturm_Bot.dll" files included in this archive:

Sturm_Bot_v1.7.dll - Original unedited SturmBot version 1.7 bot module (for
backup purposes).

Sturm_Bot_v1.8.dll - Hex-edited SturmBot version 1.7 bot module. Note that I
have changed the SturmBot version number to "1.8" to
prevent any confusion with the official version 1.7
release of SturmBot.

Sturm_Bot.dll - Copy of the hex-edited SturmBot version 1.8 bot module
listed above (for backup purposes). Note that this is the
file that you will install (as detailed below).

To install, simply unzip the "Sturm_Bot.dll" file(s) contained in the
"SturmBot_v1.7_Stosstruppe_and_Scharfschutze_Bot_Class_Fix.zip" archive to the
"C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<USER_NAME>\Day of Defeat\DoD\SturmBot\Dlls"
directory on your hard drive (or wherever your installed version of the
"Sturm_Bot.dll" file is located on your hard drive), overwriting the original.

Note that the "<USER_NAME>" subdirectory is named the same as your main Steam
account login name.

To uninstall, simply restore the original "Sturm_Bot.dll" file (using the
included "Sturm_Bot_v1.7.dll" file) in the above-mentioned directory.


Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
October 23, 2012

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