Single player mode for Day of Defeat

 Test link - RCBot2 forum post on sturmbot

Updates - Steam Version 1.3
Steam Version 1.3 update - 22 August 2018
Issue Note
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Steam Version 1.3 update - 11 July 2017
Issue Note
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Steam Version 1.3 update - 3 April 2013
Issue Note
 HL1 beta 2013  Links to dates.
Steam Version 1.3 update - 30 March 2013
Issue Note
 SteamPipe HL1 Release  Links to dates
Steam Version 1.3 update - 14 March 2013
Issue Note
 SteamPipe Beta start  Links.
Steam Version 1.3 update - 27 Sept 2011
Issue Note
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Steam Version 1.3 update - 13 July 2010
Issue Note
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Steam Versions -  dod 1.1 to 1.3
Steam Version 1.3  30 July 2004
 Issue  Note
 dod_glider waypoints  Fixed in 2012
Steam Version 1.2  2 April 2004
Issue Note
 None found  
Steam Version 1.1c  10 December 2003
Issue Note
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Steam Version 1.1b 18 November 2003
Issue Note
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Steam Version 1.1 13 October 2003
Issue Note
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This is from the Steam updates (HL1 based games) and the official file in the dod folder "Readme.txt". This has been altered with notes if they have affected the Sturmbot program. 

Steam Version 1.3 update - 22 August 2018

A small update for Day of Defeat is now available:

- Fixed bug in skybox image loading
- Fixed bug in demo command processing
- Prevent certain path characters from being used in commands
- Enforce certain extensions be used for files specified in some commands

Note: Matches the same HL1 update 22 Aug 2018. See here.

Steam Version 1.3 update - 11 July 2017

We have updated the public release of Day of Defeat.

Changes in this update are:
- Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, Inc for reporting this.
- Fixed crash when loading a specially crafted malformed BSP file. Thanks to Grant Hernandez (@Digital_Cold) for reporting this.
- Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder. Thanks to Vsevolod Saj for reporting this.
- Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable. Thanks to Sam Vanheer for reporting this.
- Fixed crash when setting custom decals

Note: No issues found.

Steam Version 1.3 update - 3 April 2013

We have released a Beta update for Day of Defeat.
Changes in this update are:
- Enable detail textures for maps that support them

Note: There was also many updates for Half Life early 2013. See below...

Half-Life 1 updated 21 FEB 2013 All the final changes from the recent beta 29 Jan 2013.

Half-Life 1 updated 29 Jan 2013 - Half-Life 1 Beta released. Linux and Mac OS X now available.

GitHub page for Linux is here. Click on the "Issues" tab to view all Linux issues.

GitHub page for Halfr-Life is hereClick on the "Issues" tab to view all Half-Life 1 engine based game issues.

Steam Version 1.3 update - 30 March 2013

We are storming the beaches with updates for both Day of Defeat titles today. The update today makes both games officially available for Linux and converts both games to the new SteamPipe content delivery system for a faster and smoother patching process.

Note: Systems now officially over to SteamPipe.

About SteamPipe. Link.

How it relates to GoldSource games like dod. Link.

Steam Version 1.3 update - 14 March 2013

Day of Defeat is now available as a Beta. This beta adds Linux and OS X support.

This beta involves significant changes for all platforms and your testing is appreciated, please report any bugs to our GitHub page,

Linux and OS X users can simply install the Day of Defeat application to access the beta.

For Windows users right click the game in your Library, choose properties and then go to the Beta tab.

Select the SteamPipe beta to start testing. Under windows to opt out of testing simply deselect the beta option on this same page.

If you opt into the Beta under Windows please use the Local Files tab in Steam to validate your install once you have opted into the beta.

Note: A beta release. This was for the coming SteamPipe release. 

The update changed HL2 based games mostly but also affected HL1 games like dod. The major change was to the Directory layout starting with "steamapps/common".


Steam Version 1.3 update - 27 September 2011

GoldSrc Dedicated Server Update Released.

Updates to the GoldSrc Dedicated Server have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added sv_logsecret support
- Added sv_filetransfermaxsize to limit the size of a file the game server will try to send to a client
- Added halflife.wad and xeon.wad to the not allowed to download to a client list
- Increased max heapsize of 128mbyte for the dedicated server, default to 40mb still
- Added sv_allow_dlfile, if set to 1 and sv_downloadurl is set still allow local downloads
- changed motd_write to only work if the process is running an active server and the command is from the console
- prevented several client redirection exploits when connecting to a server
- Changed "Non-sprite set to glow!\n" debug console output to be dev only

Steam Version 1.3 update - 13 July 2010

Hey, Mac owners, you can now play Day of Defeat, courtesy of Steam.


Major Day of Defeat Versions (Steam Versions only)
v1.3 Release Documentation -- Readme.txt in the dod folder
v1.3 - Steam latest update
[6.30.04]  - 30 July 2004

- fixed crash on spectating scoped enfield or scoped fg42
- fixed mortars not doing proper damage
- increased mp44 recoil
- reduced BAR, Bren side to side recoil
- increased undeployed machine gun recoil
- increased stamina drain while firing undeployed machine gun
- fixed bug that appeared to give deployable weapons perfect accuracy while strafing
- fixed cl_drawmodels exploit
- added map dod_saints
- added map dod_falaise
- added map dod_sturm
- added map dod_northbound
- updated map dod_glider  Note: the map origins changed and that caused the waypoints for Sturmbot to be in a different place. Waypoints fixed INsane 2012. 
- updated map dod_flugplatz

v1.2 - Steam 
[4.2.03] - 2 April 2003

· Bazooka is now a selectable class
· added K43 butt smack
· increased garand accuracy ( 0.019 -> 0.016 )
· increase bullet penetration by 10%
· further increased mg bullet penetration ( factor 0.75 -> 0.65 )
· reduced K43 recoil ( 0.15 -> 0.13 )
· reduced greasegun recoil to match thompson ( 0.5 -> 0.4 )
· reduced FG42 recoil to match BAR ( 1.3 -> 1.0 )
· reduced Bren recoil to match BAR ( 1.3 -> 1.0 )
· reduced Enfield aim penalty to match K98
· increased K98 and Enfield recoil ( 1.0 -> 1.5 ) to match garand
· fixed Enfield being less accurate than k98
· fixed unzoomed, scoped fg42 being less accurate than regular fg42
· rewrote recoil system and tweaked all recoil amounts to match old values
· increased movement accuracy penalty on Enfield to match K98 ( 0.1 -> 0.15 )
· fixed Springfield re-zoom behavior
· fixed prone garand butt / bayonet animation never playing
· lowered standing view height from 28 to 22 units above player origin
· reorganized slots, primary weapons are all in slot 3 now ( if you like your primary weapons in slot 4, bind the '4' key to "slot3" )

· fixed bug where throwing a grenade straight down when prone would throw the grenade out of the world
· fixed weapons not calling Deploy client side if nextweapon and prevweapon were used, fixes crosshair disappearing for long amounts of time after a reload
· fixed helmet not popping off of allied carbine classes
· dropped weapons reset their attack times - fixes a bug where a weapon dropped in mid reload could not be fired until the reload time was up, even if another player picked it up
· fixed exploit where player could fire a rocket, change teams and destroy objectives
· fix player yaw / gaityaw popping when rotating to the right
· default font will now draw 32 players on the scoreboard without clipping
· reset and reload all client env models when demo recording starts - fixes models disappearing in demo playback
· fixed %s in saytext exploit
· fixed class limit cvars for fg42s
· fixed crash when rockets hit an unbreakable glass func_breakable
· fixed minimap changes not triggering userinfo change on the server
· fixed view randomly swaying if lastFOV held bad data
· players suiciding after taking DMG_BLAST damage no longer play explosion death anim
· fixed spectators spawning as players if they managed to select a class
· fixed players sprinting from prone being able to sprint further

· optimized particles
· optimized cvar lookups
· optimized minimap drawing
· optimized player model drawing
· removed unused effects and sprites
· removed Movewith
· removed lightning and extra unused weather features
· removed cutscenes
· added entity lookup hash to speed up searching for entities
· removed w_ models for weapons that can't be dropped

· New blood hit effect
· fixed names starting with # exploit
· increased number of custom objective icons per map to 6
· Label in class select menu shows class limit and how many are in that class
· class menu now omits banned classes and greys out full classes
· added mapinfo text files that can edit map properties - ban specific classes and remove spawned bazookas
· print warning message if map tries to load too many client_env_models
· removed hint message on bazooka /piat /pschreck pickup

New cvars and commands
· Change to vary the size of the saytext and voice menu text ( 0 = small, 1 = normal, 2 = big )

· Setting to 1 will combine the mg34 and mg42 class limits and count either class as being a "machinegunner". New limit is the sum of "mp_limitaxismg34" and "mp_limitaximg42", including negative numbers.

· Class limit cvars for the new bazooka classes

· Mask of allowed classes for the allied team. "-1" allows all classes. To set the mask, reference the table of values below and add them together to get the class mask value. This can be set per map in the map cfg files. For example:

mp_alliesclasses 29 - ( 29 = 1 + 4 + 8 + 16 = garand + thompson + greasegun + sniper )

To add the 'random' class, you would find random, see the value 512, and add that to 29 - 541.

mp_alliesclasses 541

The list of classes:

American classes
Garand 1
Carbine 2
Thompson 4
GreaseGun 8
Sniper 16
BAR 32
30cal 64
Bazooka 128
Random 512

British classes
Enfield 1
Sten 2
Sniper 4
Bren 8
Random 64

· Mask of allowed classes for the axis team. "-1" allows all classes. On non-para maps, fg42 bipod and scoped will not be available.

Axis classes
K98 1
K43 2
MP40 4
MP44 8
Sniper 16
FG42Bipod 32 //not available on non-para maps
FG42Sniper 64 //not available on non-para maps
MG34 128
MG42 256
Pschreck 512
Random 2048

· Set to 1 to allow bazookas to spawn in the level.

And for those of you wondering what the missing class is in each of these lists, its a mortar. This weapon is not included in this release, as its not completed yet.


v1.1c - Steam
[12.10.03] - 10 December 2003

- added client side env_models for static prop type models
- random class now abides by class limits
- no random class in clan matches
- added exit decal on gunshots
- restored door opening behavior to original style ( face the door and it opens away from you, face away and it opens towards you )
- fixed sniper rifle lowering when a sniper moved, even though he was still scoped
- fixed a bug where you would drop your weapon, pick it back up and it would have less ammo
- re-added weapon names to console death messages ( bob killed fred with garand )
- added "teamkill" text to the console death messages ( bob teamkilled chuck with kar )
- fixed being able to jumpshoot if the minimap was open fullscreen
- fixed a cut off label in scoreboard
- now cannot +use grenades while deployed
- fixed player animation being 90 degrees off on mg sandbag deploy
- draw correct spectator angles on minimap player icons
- fixed strange health numbers drawing in the spec bar
- fixed gunshot decal on subsequent bullet hits
- added control point name to log file cap messages
- fixed hud reset on stop demo recording
- fixed ammo on mg42 and 30cal view model not showing above 8 bullets
- fixed player models jittering because of animation blend
- fixed an evil evil hack that stopped the player from shooting when their mg42 overheated
- fixed some more empty cells in the scoreboard showing up as squares


- fixed client env_models drawing
- fixed brit sleeves
- draw objective icons on hud and in minimap
- draw grenades on the minimap for both teams
- fixed teams and playerclass in the scoreboard
- added timeleft and number of hltv spectators to the spec bar
- fixed weather effects not drawing
- no vgui menus in hltv spec


v1.1b - Steam
[11.18.03] - 18 November 2003

- fixed mg42 and 30cal weapons showing full bullet clips on the model when the clip was empty
- fixed recoil continuing after the map ends
- fixed squares drawing in the scoreboard in blank spaces
- added top bar to scoreboard for drawing the hostname
- fixed a bug where the reinforcement timer would not draw in first person spectator mode
- added cvars "mp_log_scores" and "mp_log_scores_delay"
- fixed an exploit where many people could select a class over the class limit before the first person spawned
- fixed a bug where a joining player was sent the wrong team information for other players
- fixed bad subtitle on #voice_subtitle_pschreckspotted
- re-added BAR weapon deploy animation
- reduced BAR deploy time
- on demo recording start, resend all player team info
- fixed empty weapon click on all weapons
- increased max materials to 1300


New cvars and commands
Set to 1 to periodically log the team scores. Default is 0.

When logging scores, how often ( in seconds ) to log the team scores. Default is 60 seconds.


v1.1 - Steam
[10.13.03] - 13 October 2003

Changes/Additions :
- New map dod_flugplatz
- New map dod_escape
- New map dod_switch
- Added VGUI2 menu system

- no longer auto reload any weapon while it is deployed
- mg42 now fires two bullets per click
- reduced mg42 aim cone from 0.03 to 0.025
- adjusted weapon overheat values to be a bit slower to heat, faster to cool
- reset mg heat when player reloads
- increased mg42 reload time to coincide with animation
- fix mg34 and mg42 not drawing correct animations when low on bullets
- new mg42 overheat effect
- sniper zoomed speed reduced to 45 from 50
- K98 and Enfield - adjusted accuracy from 0.01 to 0.014 ( Garand and K43 unchanged at 0.019 )
- K98 and Enfield - adjusted kar moving penalty from 0.1 to 0.15
- fixed enfield allowing secondary attacks immediately after firing
- fixed weapons not stopping their reload sequence when you holster them
- fixed fg42 being able to fire instantly on deploy
- reduced pistols and m1carbine firedelay from 0.15 to 0.1 to make it smoother
- fixed m1 carbine showing wrong model ( para vs nonpara )
- fixed mp40 clip holding 32 bullets instead of 30
- added 0.5 second delay after zooming sniper rifles before you can fire
- fixed exploit where player could reload with the scope still up

- added 9-way player animation blending
- hits to player arms that would hit the body will now count as body hits
- removed stamina recovery while crouched and in the air
- fixed "white model" bug
- fixed "spectator killer" bug
- Fixed explosion death animation never playing
- unzoom player if they go prone or unprone
- unzoom player if they jump, or fall too far off a ledge
- Fixed players being able to pick up bazookas at round's end
- fix tracer origin on prone players
- added voice icon to minimap, draws when a player uses a voice command or hand signal
- fixed players killing themselves with their own shots, getting killed when shooting very close to other players or items
- added voice icon over players on minimap when using voice
- fixed icons drawing over players when using voice menu / hand signals

- deathcam - don't draw the player name over top of players
- deathcam - shortened cam trace time
- Optimized visibility calculation
- Optimized rain and snow particle effects
- Optimized minimap data sending - now will not send to players if the minimap is not open
- fixed cap areas completing a cap when one of the cappers died
- new map marker system
- rewrote bullet penetration to allow multiple penetrations
- adjusted material strength ( sand is stronger now )
- fixed low stamina heavy breathing sound
- localize saytext to fix %l, %c, %t macros
- Added time-based points for clan mode scoring
- Fixed dropped ammo boxes respawning
- scale objects on the minimap according to map zoom
- "mp_fadetoblack" now only works while in a clan match
- disallow marking the map on the client if the player is dead
- fixed certain walls not being solid on round restart
- fixed minimap not drawing while recording demos
- fixed ammo display in demo playback
- spawn client side corpse when player dies. duration of model can be set with cl_corpsestay.
- fixed mortar sound and effect not lining up
- added scope view to first person spectator while target is zoomed
- fixed particle angles in third person
- fixed doors blocking the player and making endless sound


New cvars and commands
Fires a map marker out into the world. A map marker will be created at that location in the world and will appear on teammates' minimaps.

Select the next map marker.

Select the previous map marker.

Setting to 0 disables all auto reloading. Deployed weapons will now never auto reload.

Setting to 0 turns off dynamic lights generated by weapons and grenades.

0 - no icons above the heads of other players
1 - only draw icon a player we are looking at
2 - draw icons over all friendly players

0 is default. Setting to non-zero ( 1 - 16 ) sets the crosshair to another slot in the "sprites/customXHair.spr" sprites
Each slot is 64x64.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

Time in seconds that dead bodies will remain in the map. Default is 10.

Set to 1 to enable clan mode scoring ( only works in clan match mode )

A string such as "112233". Determines the point value for the allied team when holding flags. Flag order in the string is the same as the order of flags on the hud. Must be set per map.

A string such as "112233". Determines the point value for the axis team when holding flags. Flag order in the string is the same as the order of flags on the hud. Must be set per map.

Sets how many seconds to go between giving time-based points.

Once a match is underway, set this to 1 to return to warmup mode.

Change this string to change what teams must say to start a mp_clan_readyrestart clan match. Default is "ready".

"mp_clan_scoring_bonus_allies" / "mp_clan_scoring_bonus_axis"
Amount of points to give the team that wins the round. Default is -1 and gives the normal amount of points. Only works in clan match mode.

This determines the max number of map markers each player can place. Minimum and default is 1.

How long, in seconds, marker will stay on the minimap.


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