If you just want to install one of my sets instead of making some... download this.

If you need to make your own... Read on you wild thing!!!

With this method you have the choice of 16 modified crosshairs and still have the standard DoD Steam version. ALL crosshairs can be chosen by typing in a command in the console or using binds. Read on, just doing this may help you to understand how to modify your Steam DoD 1.3 custom files of any type.

You will need …

1. Microsoft Paint.

2. Wavelength Sprite Wizard v1.1 3.

3. Sample Bitmap... (see the "Template BMP" Folder and "Customdot template.bmp" in the download below.)

You will already have Microsoft Paint on your Windows PC. It's found in "Programs" "Accessories"

For everything else you need mentioned in this tutorial, I have a package for you... Go Here.

NOTE: If you just want to adjust someone elses "customxhair.spr"... use "SprView.exe" open it and use the "Save BMP" under "File" to make a BMP file you can edit then use the method below :)

Lets Start....

1. Start Microsoft Paint and open the Bitmap "Customdot template.bmp". It is a 256 X 256 Bitmap that is needed... do not change from that type of bitmap!

2. Note there are 16 "different" types. Starting from the top left this is number 1, these are numbered from left to right (as you would read a page). Number 16 is on the bottom right corner.

3. Click on View, Zoom, Custom and select 800%, press OK.

4. Click on View, Zoom, click on Show Grid.


5. Select the pencil tool.

6. Click on the color in the Color Box (click View, "Color Box" if it is not visible on the bottom right panel).

7. Using the pencil add more or change the shape and color to your liking.

8. To make a part of the cross invisible just select Black as the color. (None of the Black surrounding the crosshair will show up in the game.)

9. Once you have all 16 right, click "Save as" and save it as "customxhair".............. and make sure it is a "256 Color Bitmap" [.bmp] file.

10. Open "SprWiz" (Wavelength Sprite Wizard v1.1).

11. Press "Next" then "Browse" and find the Bitmap you made called "customxhair", double click on the file.

12. Press "Next", a confirmation screen comes up to tell you the .spr file will be placed in the same folder as the Bitmap, click on "Next".

13. Select "Alphatest- 255 colors; last color is transparency." and click on "Next".

14. Click on "Finish" select the folder you made and choose "customxhair" as the file name and it will be saved as a Sprites ".spr" type file.

15. Press "OK" and "Close".

16. You now have your own set of 16 custom crosshairs ready to add to Steam DoD. See Installation Section next.

Installation Section.

The Sprites folder....

1. You may need to make a folder called "sprites" to add the custom cross hairs.

2. Find the "dod" folder in steam… C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\your email name\day of defeat\dod\ Create a new folder called "sprites".

3. Copy the file "dodcross.spr" from the "Standard dod cross" folder and the "customxhair.spr" you made (or one of the other "customxhair.spr" supplied), in to the "sprites" folder.

You will need a script to make it work...

Want to bind all these 17 crosshairs to toggle on one key? Read on : )

Add the below script to your userconfig.cfg file… (if you don't have a "userconfig.cfg" there is one included in the download)

======================================================== //crosshair

alias customdot "style0"

alias style0 "cl_xhair_style 0; alias customdot style1"

alias style1 "cl_xhair_style 1; alias customdot style2"

alias style2 "cl_xhair_style 2; alias customdot style3"

alias style3 "cl_xhair_style 3; alias customdot style4"

alias style4 "cl_xhair_style 4; alias customdot style5"

alias style5 "cl_xhair_style 5; alias customdot style6"

alias style6 "cl_xhair_style 6; alias customdot style7"

alias style7 "cl_xhair_style 7; alias customdot style8"

alias style8 "cl_xhair_style 8; alias customdot style9"

alias style9 "cl_xhair_style 9; alias customdot style10"

alias style10 "cl_xhair_style 10; alias customdot style11"

alias style11 "cl_xhair_style 11; alias customdot style12"

alias style12 "cl_xhair_style 12; alias customdot style13"

alias style13 "cl_xhair_style 13; alias customdot style14"

alias style14 "cl_xhair_style 14; alias customdot style15"

alias style15 "cl_xhair_style 15; alias customdot style16"

alias style16 "cl_xhair_style 16; alias customdot style0"

bind "p" "customdot"

//Favorite xhair, change the number to YOUR Favorite one cl_xhair_style 8


Script explaination....

The command you see in the script is ... cl_xhair_style "number" (from 0 to 16.) The standard DoD crosshair is "0" .... 1 - 16 are the ones you made.

That command will load the crosshair (number 1-16) from the customxhair.spr file located in your....

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\your email name\day of defeat\dod\sprites folder.

Note that only the standard cross hair cl_xhair_style "0" has a dynamic action, the rest 1-16 do not have moving parts.

After you do all this.... Press "p" in the game and keep pressing it one by one to select the crosshair that is correct for the type of gun or map.

You are now a dirty HAX!!!!…or you are just good at configuring a part of the game that should have always been there.

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