Single player mode for Day of Defeat

This first section is for Half Life 1 games only and based on making transparent sprays.
This guide will take you through the steps to make your sprays have a transparent background by supplying a set of files in a download to cut out a few steps.
If you already know a good deal about graphics then you just need to read this page as an out-line of the technique used to make a spray work, you may want to skip some of the sections.

The first thing, there are rules to make this work, these are explained below but if you are the lazy type, you can use the templates, ready to place your graphics and text on them in the download package here.

The Format to use for a Transparent Spray...

The color of the background...
You would think a clear background would work, it does not. A "pure" blue is required. You will see it when making it but once converted into a "tempdecal.wad" and played in-game, the blue disappears leaving only the other colors in your spray showing.

The color setting is... Red "0" Green "0" Blue "255"
The size and the format...
The file you make should not exceed 15 kb.
The best file type to use should be a Bitmap .BMP, 8 bit, 255 colors.
You can use a range of sizes and I have included some in the download like...

128 wide x 64 high
64 wide x 128 high
160 wide x 64 high 
96 wide x 112 high

The best image sizes (most reliable), are 128 wide X 64 high pixels or... 64 wide X 128 high pixels.

The format, centers around the sizes being a multiple of 16.

The format is explained perfectly in a guide by Atomic (since this was written that site is down so I have used the Internet Achive link see the section below)

The above Internet Achive link has this advice...

FILE REQUIREMENTS of reliable Color Logos : 

atomic table
atomic table legend1

The ".BMP" file must be of the following type of ".BMP" file before you convert it to a color spray paint logo tempdecal.wad file with the Wally's "HL Decal Wizard" to work reliably.

The finished logo file used to be named pldecal.wad , but now because of changes that the "Steam" update made to Half-life and it's Mods, the file must be named tempdecal.wad .

It must be a ".BMP" file in "INDEXED COLOR" mode (Photo Shop).

It must be an "8 BIT" ("255") colors ".BMP" file.

The LAST color in its "color table" (color palette) must be PURE BLUE (red=0, green=0, blue=255).

Its pixel WIDTH times HEIGHT, must NOT be more then 10,752 or WALLY will not convert it.
Picture's Width (in pixels) X Height (in pixels) =< 10,752 .

The .BMP files width and height, must be a multiple of 16:
16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224,*.....
(see valid width x height size chart below.)

Any part of your BMP file that is colored PURE BLUE, will be transparent when sprayed in a game.

If you want to use a color really close to pure blue, but do NOT want to have it transparent, then set that color to red=0, green=0 blue=250 (almost pure blue).

WALLY will also convert other types of files to wad files, but by using "indexed colored" , 8 bit, ".bmp" files with the last color in its palette set to pure blue, you are guaranteed to have a good working color logo after its converted every single time. Higher color bit pictures give better looking pictures, but don't always work, so for the purpose of this tutorial we tell you to use 8 bit pictures. You can experiment and tweak later on your own time.

(Note: See "Advanced Tips" for exceptions.)

Once the ".BMP" is converted into the finished ".WAD" file, the color spray paint logo tempdecal.wad file can NOT be larger then 15kb in size or it will NOT load on to the game servers.

After you have your graphic and text in your spray you will need to use a program called Wally to convert it to a tempdecal.wad file, this file can be inserted in the dod folder, now it will be ready to use in the game.

For those that already know a good deal about making a graphic to the format above, read the section Converting the BMP file with Wally next. This will make the tutorial shorter :)

But those of you who don't know how to mess around with Graphics programs... you may need some more information, you get the long version, read on...

Working with Graphics Programs. 

You can use Microsoft Paint but you will be limited in design, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro. They are great for sprays because they can work with Layers along with many other powerful tools for text and graphics.

The file that is produced holds the information split up in Layers, as in Adobe Photoshop, this is called a .psd file. After you have the image you can save it as a BMP in the correct format.

These commercial programs are good but if you don't have the dollars to get these you should download "The Gimp" or "Paint.NET." both powerful graphics program... for free!

Download Paint.NET if you wish... but the tutorial is based on the Gimp. Details of installing the GIMP are below.

Because most gamers spend all their money on games... I will base the next sections on The Gimp rather than the others.

The Gimp download availible from this page.

It may be a little bit of a hassle to set up The Gimp... but it is worth it if you don't have one or the other of the commercial ones. Set it up or Paint.Net and read on.


Working with Layers. 

Layers are an important part of any graphic image. That’s why we have not started up the program just yet! Learn this first, you will be thanking me you did… seriously it does help produce a much better image. When you move on to more complicated sprays knowing how layers work will also help.

Layers are best described as clear sheets of plastic over a background, each sheet has something drawn or typed on it …


You can arrange a layer to be closer to the background or on top of the of the other layer’s, you can have a lot more Layers than shown. They are named Layer 1, Layer 2… and so on. The only one you should not move is of course, the background.

As you can see above, when making a half life spray the background is the blue color that is transparent in half life sprays once it is converted to a bitmap, then a tempdecal.wad file in Wally and placed in the game folder…

Red "0" Green "0" Blue "255" 

The other layers can have text or graphics on them, assembling an image like this harder when you have to learn how… but when you do have that skill, you will find it a hell of a lot quicker when you have to overlay a graphic or text over another image or background. 

Why is it quicker? Each layer can be edited without affecting the other layers or background… yes, that’s very cool.

You don’t think so? Ok then wise guy, say you are a member of a clan… :JFK:RinG0

Now, 3 months latter you think the :JFK: clan are a bunch of pussies and you want to join the top clan <LBJ>, now your called… <LBJ>RinG0

That cool spray you made has your old clan name on it, if you had put it on a layer and kept the special file your graphics program made, you can now edit it very quickly and save the change… saves you having to make the whole thing again.

Same goes for sigs and other graphics you made for yourself, edit them in seconds. Always keep that file with the layers on it!

Start up The Gimp. 
File, Open, Navigate to the folder "Make your own Sprays" you downloaded, open the folder "Blank Blue Templates" and select the "128x64 blank blue trans.bmp" template.
Because the half-life 1 sprays are so small you will need to view the image magnified. 
Select View, Zoom, and pick a size to suit, like 4:1 400%.
At this stage you can add a graphic, text, or draw something if you like.

Remember how small the file looked before you made it look bigger? If you do add Pictures make sure they are small and simple, the image is only 128 pixels wide X 64. If you add a picture that is too big it will distort and not be very clear, larger images use more pixels…so they are clearer.
I have added an image in the download you can add for now…

Select FileOpen as Layer, click on the "Images" folder and open the "GREN.jpg" picture.

Select ImageScale image… drag the corners of the image to where you want it and press the Scale button in the pop up window to finish it.

Now look another panel in The Gimp, "Layers, Channels, Paths…." 

You will see your Image laid out separately, the GREN.jpg is sitting on top of the blue background… remember those plastic sheets in the Working with Layers section?

Yep…just like that, put the image you want to see most on top.

Now lets add some text, a clan name <LBJ>RinG0 you can use your own of course.

Now select ToolsText, when you click on the image the GIMP text editor will appear, type in a name, also watch "The Gimp" panel, selections for the text have appeared so you can adjust to suit. Adjust to your liking in size and color.

Now go back to the "Layers, Channels, Paths…." panel, another layer has appeared, this one has text in it… see what I mean about layers, it’s very easy to work this way if you have to change something latter.

You may have to move the text layer, make sure it is selected in the "Layers, Channels, Paths…." panel.

Select the Move tool (4 pronged arrow) in The GIMP panel, hover over the image until the mouse pointer has an arrow… now you can move it. 

Don’t forget to click on the layer you want to work on, then click on the tool you want to use on that layer… the program is good but it can’t read your mind.

So far it should look something like this…


Now we can add a message to the top section… some text first and we will also add a filter to alter the text…

Throwing nades at 
n00bs since 3.1

That’s what I want to say but I also want to shape the text.

Select the Text button (the big "T"), in The GIMP panel.

Make the size… 8, the font… Sans Bold, the color Red.

Click once on the image, a pop-up text box appears, type in what you want, press Close.

Click on the move tool (4 pronged arrow) in The GIMP panel to place the text in the upper part of the image.

Select Filters, Distorts, Curve bend

Play around with the dots and make a wave pattern, you can preview as you go by selecting the Automatic preview tick box.

Press OK the text is wavy. 

I know it looks a bit strange but I just wanted to show you about two things when dealing with a graphic this small… there are limits you can go to when dealing with the small text, it distorts very easily so be careful with it.

Another problem with the text over the blue part is that it has specs of darker blue, purple and red around it. This is caused by "Anti-aliasing" the text, it looks smoother normally but over this blue once it is in the game it looks a little strange.

If you edit this now, you will loose the effect…and the ability to apply it again. The fix for this is lay your text over a graphic or "cut" into a graphic by making the text the special blue color… Red "0" Green "0" Blue "255"

Let’s just continue with this one anyway, faults or no faults.

The design stage is over, time to save. Put all the files in the WIP folder for now.

First save it as ringo spray.xcf this is so you can edit it latter…

File, Save as… next click on the "Browse for other folders" button navigate to the "WIP" folder.

Next click on the "Select File Type (By Extension)" button, select "GIMP XCF image".

In the Name box type "ringo sprayPress Save.

Do the same for the .BMP file, put it in the same place but this time select "Windows BMP image" type file place it in the WIP folder and give it the same name if you want…

File, Save as… next click on the "Browse for other folders" button navigate to the "WIP" folder.

Next click on the "Select File Type (By Extension)" button, select "Windows BMP image".

In the Name box type "ringo sprayPress Save.

Press Export in the next pop-up box.

You may now close The Gimp. Click on the "X" on The GIMP panel.

Converting the BMP file with Wally.
You need to get Wally first go to the home page and open the downloads section.
Last time I went there I had problems with the page, if you can't get it there, get it here.
Open up Wally.
Click on Wizard, then HL Color Decal.Browse the "File on hard drive:" and find that "ringo spray.bmp" file you made and placed in the WIP folder.
Press OK, Wally will make a file called "pldecal.wad" the name of this file used to be correct…now in Steam versions it is not!
To get around this we will rename it "tempdecal.wad" this name will work in steam.
Click File, Save As… call the file "tempdecal.wad
save in ….

C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\your-email-address\day of defeat\dod

Some are in…

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\ your-email-address \day of defeat\dod

Or where ever your "dod" folder is… the "dod" folder NOT the "day of defeat" one.

You should also save it somewhere else if you want to keep it, they have a habit of getting over-written by steam. Save it in the WIP folder as well if you want.

So start the game now and try it already…

You can see what I mean now about the care you must take with the text and Anti-aliasing over a half life transparent spray.
The bits of darker and lighter blue have shown up around the text, the smaller text is hard to read, you can fix this by going back to the ringo spray.xcf and adding more layers, say an Axis flag on one side and a Allied flag on the other.
Those layers would have to be inserted below the text, over the grenade graphic if you like or under it. Then you can save it as an .xcf type and a .bmp (windows bit map), converting in Wally again.
It’s far better to know these problems now… so you don’t have to tear your hair out latter on.

There are many filters you can apply in The GIMP, we have used but one, explore more of them, use different fonts, colors, pics… just remember the basic rules and it will look good.
Have a look at some of the samples in the "Some examples" folder too, they are not my best but maybe enough to give you some ideas.

Note the spray "coming soon" …it has transparent blue text over a graphic…another way to deal with the "fuzz" problem in the text.
If you have completed this Tutorial and have not used any graphics program before, well done! You are well on the way to doing anything you want, just explore the programs. You will find more and more "tricks" every time you adjust an image.


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