Single player mode for Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat steam Win dedicated server at home - with bots

1. Introduction
2. SteamCMD install
3. Server set up
4. Server Admin Mods
5. Add ShrikeBot
6. Add SturmBot
7. Add Maps - edit files
1 intro
1. Introduction 

You can approach playing day of defeat (with bots) a couple of ways, online via a dedicated server, on a Listenserver at your own PC or as in this case a dedicated server on your home network.

Why? Its a far better experience for little effort if you are after a single player mode for day of defeat.

Being a ex-clan leader and server admin I missed having admin menus and mods and let’s face it a listenserver even on a 2015-2020 gaming level PC with a lot of mods running and maximum bots running tends to get a little buggy.

This guide is for someone who may want to have total control over the Day of Defeat single player mode (bots) and maybe even host a LAN party for not only dod (with fill in bots) but also a Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life 1 and even Day of Defeat: Source or any other server that uses SteamCMD and the 2013 "SteamPipe" content system.

I used an old ASUS X43U laptop for this guide, it only just runs windows 10. It can only just play a 1080p video on YouTube and 720p is its actual limit. It had 4 gig of ram and a terrible (worse than celeron) AMD Fusion APU C-50 dual-core processor from 2011.

Note that test PC was running windows 7 so before I started I upgraded it to windows 10... for free in April 2020. Apparently if you do it correctly you can still upgrade it for free. But this should work for WinXP Win 7 and Win 8.1 too.

Its because most gamers will likely have something like this lying around that is too low powered to run games but will run a simple game server on a local home network. I would advise you use Ethernet for the connection. 

For persons that have never set up a dedicated server with admin mods and always wanted a step by step guide, then this one is for you.

The set up is the same for a online dedicated server only... you are not remotely connecting to the server.


Grab that old laptop or PC out of storage, fire it up and lets go. 

  • I assume in this guide you are at the windows desktop of that local Windows PC.
  • Please ensure you use the C: drive and make the folders exactly like I do.
  • It is far easier for novices to complete this task as a C drive install.
  • I wrote this file using a Win 10 PC, some images may be different (similar) if using Win 7 or Win XP.

2. SteamCMD install

There is a lot of information on this for online dedicated servers. We need to download and install the common base for HL1 and Source dedicated servers. Its the same for a local LAN PC the difference is we have physical access to the server OS and file system.

Go here for the full story That official guide can be a little confusing (daunting for most) as it has multiple OS instructions.

See below for an easy  windows only step by step guide.

I will write it as if you have not used the console before. Don't let that console scare you... its at an easy novice level.

We will be making one folder on the C:\ drive and a separate one (via command line in a console) for Half -Life and Day of Defeat.

Set up the main directory.

  • Download this VALVe zip file. (Its safe, from VALVe)
  • Create a folder on the C drive for SteamCMD. For example, C:\steamcmd
  • Only one file is in the zip called steamcmd.exe, we want that file in the folder C:\steamcmd
  • Next we should open a Windows command prompt and cut and paste the next bits. Depending on your windows version it can be in different places. See here for your windows version.
  • Once you have that Command Prompt program open do yourself a favour and go to the task bar icon, right click the Command Prompt icon and “Pin this program to the taskbar” or the start menu in windows 10.
  • Back to Command Prompt program and find the blinking cursor beside something like this line...


  • We are about to click in the window on the "_" (the console cursor) at the end of the line and get ready to use the paste shortcut Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut and paste in some commands.
  • Note for the next steps entering pasted commands in the console, sometimes you do not have to press enter for some commands and sometimes you do.
  • Let’s change the directory over to the folder you made and start to download. 
  • Type in or copy the text below and paste (Ctrlt+V) these two lines at the console cursor...

cd C:\steamcmd


  • You will notice it will change to your C:\steamcmd folder (thats what "cd" does, change directory) and the Command Prompt will download, then extract a lot of files.
  • You will know it’s finished (keep it open) when it looks like this and has "Steam>" at the bottom...

2 filling the folder

  • Next we need to login and install the dod mod. If you looked at the SteamCMD link instructions you may have noticed you have to own the game and blah, blah do this and that. For dod and most games that is not required. Let's continue.
  • Paste this at the blinking cursor…

login anonymous

  • the enter key.

3.log in anon









  • Note you may get a windows firewall message to allow access, allow it.
  • Next is the “app” install (the app is the mod e.g. “dod”)
  • Type in this to make another folder called “server” on the C Drive...

force_install_dir c:\server\

  • We can now download Half-life and the mod (dod) by pasting in this...

app_set_config 90 mod dod

app_update 90 validate

Note: if you get an error like the yellow highlight in the image below, just run this command again…

app_update 90 validate

  • The error is normal, a bug and likely looks like this error I have shaded in yellow…

4 error in download

...just paste in the command “app_update 90 validate” again and again if you have to and see if it starts like above.

  • You will note you now have a new folder in your C:\ drive called “server” and its full or filling with files. You will get a message that it's done in the Command Prompt window….

5 dod folder in server

  • Once finished, type...


  • properly log off of the Steam servers. We are done with that Command Prompt program. Close it.

6 close CMD

  • We have now got the base for a working dedicated server, it has Half-life, Counter-Strike Version 1.6 and Day of Defeat Version 1.3.

We want to test it next and seeing we are on a PC connected to a local LAN its a simple task involving making and altering a desktop shortcut.


3. Server set up
  • Go to your C:\server folder and find the “hlds.exe”. Its a Half Life red icon like the image below.
  • Right Click on it and select “Send To” … then select... “Desktop (create Shortcut)
  • We can now Right Click on the Desktop shortcut called “hlds - Shortcut” and select “Properties” What we are interested in here is the Target: box file address, we are about to modify it.

7 shorcut prop

  • To start the server, we have to enter some extra commands in the target address and later on for bot programs we will modify it again, for now let's test a raw server.
  • Where it says "C:\server\hlds.exe" place one space and insert this….

-console -game dod +port 27015 +map dod_anzio -autoupdate +maxplayers 16

So all together its…

C:\server\hlds.exe -console -game dod +port 27015 +map dod_anzio -autoupdate +maxplayers 16

Important - PRESS THE “Apply” BUTTON … then the “OK” button.

  • Note you may get a windows firewall message to allow access, allow it.
  • The server will run if you double click the desktop shortcut icon.
  • A console should come up, if it does and then closes… double click again.
  • It should look something like this...

8 console window

  • Go to another PC on your local LAN and find it in the LAN tab. You may have to press refresh and it should show up like this...

9 steam browser

  • So run around like a chicken and test a few things, leave the server and come back to your server PC.
  • Turn off the server now. At the HL console type…


  • … the server will shut down and the console will close.
  • The server is off.
  • Congratulations you have a working dod server and you know how to turn it off and on.

There is some more (optional) reading on commands to place in the desktop shortcut target box.

Read about the Command line options here. Read this for HL1 games

There are other ways to start a dedicated server remotely but for a PC on your local LAN… the above is simple and maybe all you need.

  • Next we will want to edit some configuration files. Now you can do this with windows Notepad… please avoid it as some of the files we are going to make have a set format and sometimes windows Notepad makes a mess of the file.
  • Please install NotePad++ (free and safe) from here.
  • Now we have that in place let's configure the servers configuration file called “server.cfg” you will find it in C:\server\dod\
  • We may need to do this a couple of times for different text type file types (cfg, ini, gam) so lets do the first type.
  • Start by associating that file type with NotePad++...
  • Right click on “server.cfg” select “Open with…” now make sure you tick the tickbox beside… “Always use the selected…” and click browse.
  • Go to folder “C:\Program Files\Notepad++” OR "C:\Program Files (x86)Notepad++" and double click on the “notepad++.exe” application file.
  • The box returns and you press OK, note server.cfg icon changed.

10 server cfg changed

  • You will need to do this a couple of times… it's totally worth it. Note you should also have a new right click menu option called “Edit with Notepad++” that can also be used, just hover over a file right click and select that option from the menu.
  • There are a couple to many things you may want to change in a server.cfg, this is like the command line options in our shortcut and we could spend all day changing all sorts of commands.
  • Like the  command line options … there are some commands that are universal in Half-Life 1 mods and some that are for that mod only.  You can see some of the more common ones for dod servers here. Note the link on that page for an advanced server.cfg file, remember it for later.


Important - Stop here: In the steps below I have links to downloads and you have a choice.

Easy or Hard and comprehensive.


  1. HARD: Follow the document links and install manually.
  2. EASY: Download this package now with two folders and insert the files as instructed in the download readme.


If you picked EASY -  from now on every time you see this icon mentioned below (😎 Download not required for easy mode) telling you to download and install files...

  1. You already have the correct files installed. (read the readme in the download for the locations)
  2. You will only need to edit a few of the files for personal preference, steam ID's and server passwords. 


  • Now double click on “server.cfg” in "C:\server\dod"
  • For now, let's change just a couple of required commands in the server.cfg file...

hostname "DoD v1.2”

  • Change to your preferred server name, e.g...

hostname "Dave's DoD"

  • You may use the rcon system in the future, (Source RCON Protocol is a remote control from your game PC console to the server) best change that now...

//rcon_password  "rconhere"

  • Remove the "//" double forward slashes (any line in a server.cfg with a "//" at the start of the line is ignored by the game engine) and place a password that suits you for rcon commands e.g... 

rcon_password  "dave007"

  • Now another that is commonly needed is for the flashlight, lets enable it...

//mp_flashlight 1

  • Remove the “//” to make this line active and allow flashlights, it looks like this now...

mp_flashlight 1

11 server config file

  • The rest you can leave alone for now but please check right down the bottom of the server.cfg and make sure (for Sturmbot bazookas in spawn later on) that these three commands are correct...

mp_alliesclasses -1
mp_axisclasses -1
mp_spawnbazookas 1

As you progress as a server admin you may want to explore commands in more depth. 

I have a server.cfg generator on dodbits, its a php script with adjustable values for the common commands and at the end generates a server.cfg file. You can fine tune much more than the outdated server.cfg that comes with the SteamCMD install.

  • There are a few bugs in the dod files for server operators if bazookas in spawns are important to you. It especially matters if you intend to run SturmBot on the server.
  • (😎 Download not required for easy mode) I advise you to download a package from my website, read the readme and install some bug fix files. The entire issue is explained in depth in a PDF of what files are affected and samples of the corrected file are in the download folders.

So now we have the base for a personalised dod dedicated server.

Next is to install some admin mods so you can control the server like a online server admin.


4. Server Admin Mods

While the Mods are not required they will help control the server, add a bit of fun (like the medic plugin) and they can also help with some crashes and poor maps. 

  • (😎 Download not required for easy mode) We are going to use AMX Mod, there are two ways, manual and an installer. Seeing as we are at a windows desktop… let's go for the installer. See this page for both options …
  • (😎 Download not required for easy mode) See this page for installation …
  • I will continue the step by step for the “AMX MOD X Full Installer” you see below but if you install manually you need three downloads and manually need to assemble the folders!
  • These three highlighted in Yellow are required… Metamod, AMX Mod X Base and the dod addon.

12 required server mods

Steps in the installer (😎 Steps 1-7 not required for easy mode

  1. Double click on the installer. Press “Next >” , accept the agreement button then “Next >”. Install it in C:\Program Files (x86)\AMX Mod X\
  2. Make sure the “Run AMX Mod X Installer” tick box is ticked, press “Finish”.
  3. Another box will pop up, press “Next >”, accept the agreement button then “Next >”.
  4. In the “Choose install method” screen we need to select “Select mod directory”, then “Next >”. Browse to C:\server\dod, click on that dod folder. DON’T PRESS OK YET.
  5. Make sure you go to the “Custom game addon” dropdown box next, select “ Day of Defeatnow press "OK".
  6. The installer will copy the files, when it's done Press “Finish”

If you go to your dod folder in “C:\server” you will note there is a new folder called “addons” and inside are two folders called "metamod" and "amxmodx".

Basically it's OK to go right now metamod is installed and there is a plugins.ini file in the metamod folder click on it and notepad++ is likely associated with .ini files already, (if not, click here and redo the steps to associate that file type) and you can see it has a line in there …

win32 addons/amxmodx/dlls/amxmodx_mm.dll 

...that will start the AMX Mod X mod and allow the plugins to work.

The installer (or my easy mode download) has completed one edit to the game files.

Its one file to remember in Bot programs as it is one file that gets configured incorrectly it will crash a server, make your mods and bot programs fail.

It's called the "libist.gam" file and it's in the "dod" folder.

About the liblist.gam file. Lets take a quick break from the install and learn about it.

  1. Go to it now, right click and associate it with notepad++ if you like.
  2. Also note if you right click and select “Properties” it is ticked as “read only”. If you ever need to edit it, you need to unclick that, Apply, change it save. Then set the read only back again via right click “Properties” and apply.
  3. So… liblist.gam is important, treat it right. Open it now and view it.
  4. What the installer did was to comment out a line… //gamedll "dlls\dod.dll" that is normally used to start day of defeat and placed in an instruction to see the metamod.dll first...then the game .dll called dod.dll. Note the added lines, the top one is for windows, next linux and then MacOS…

gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"

gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/"

gamedll_osx "addons/metamod/dlls/metamod.dylib"

  • Leave them like that and close the file, what I showed you is the normal set up to run the mods.

So you could run the server again if you wish as the server admin mods are on, but one more thing is required, we need to edit a file to make you an admin and you need to bind a command on your player PC so you have access to the server. We need to edit one file first.

Adding Admin access is the next step.

  • Go to C:\server\dod\addons\amxmodx\configs. Open a file called “users.ini”, you will note a lot of instructions but what we want here for each admin on the LAN is your Steam ID added to a new line…

"STEAM_0:0:123456" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "ce"

  • So… grab your steam ID and place it in like this…

13 user ini edits

  • Note: If you don’t know what your Steam ID is you can find out via a variety of ways including looking at the server console when joining and leaving a game on your client PC or this online method.
  • Save the file.

In the above settings I have assumed you have a default server.cfg, things to note about the admin access in the users.ini is the server type.

For example, if you have set sv_lan "1" in the server.cfg it means your server is only going to work on the local LAN. That will need another method of adding an admin. Also there is a further method for listenservers.  There are three methods for 3 server types.

  1. For listenservers (mods with a local client PC) use: "loopback" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "de"
  2. For a local LAN (sv_lan "1" in server.cfg) use: "STEAM_ID_LAN" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "ce"
  3. For each player on a internet server (sv_lan "0" in server config) use the method I described above. It will work for a local Lan and a internet server...if you have sv_lan "0" set in the server.cfg.

Now you have admin access but… on the client PC you must also install a bind to the console command “amxmodmenu”

  • To do that last step, start the server. Go to your client PC, join the server, open the developer console in the game

Note: Instructions on using the developer console is here on the VALVe wiki

  • In the input of the developer console type in this…

bind “F11” “amxmodmenu”

While you are in there do another bind for a medic mod I included in the easy mode download. That one is for the popular dod Medic plugin, your health goes to 20% and you say “medic” in chat it will replace your health, like bandaging in dod_3.1 Beta.

  • In the input of the developer console type in this…

bind "MOUSE4" "say medic"

  • Ensure the bind is exactly like that and do include the comment code "" exactly as shown, binding keyboard keys like this writes a line to your clients config.cfg file in the dod folder.
  • Test out your bind by pressing F11 on the keyboard, you should see something like this…

 14 amx screen in game

  • Try something like “Changelevel” (Press “5” on your keyboard). Change the map.

OK if all that worked we have the mods working to a basic level.

You may have noticed there are some "greyed out" or disabled items in the menu like teleport. They are disabled by default. In C:\\server\dod\addons\amxmodx\configs folder find a file called plugins.ini and take away the ";" before this line... 

;telemenu.amxx ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)

...they did that because you need the fun module installed and enabled (in modules.ini).

As you can see the subject of plugins can get complex and that's a whole new article that would make this one seem small. 

You may want to pause and bookmark a couple of AMX Mod X pages for further reading down the track…

For now, let's continue and install a bot or two.

  • Shut down the client PC, go back to your server PC.

We have a choice of two bot programs, Shrikebot or Sturmbot. Each has it own strengths and weaknesses. I actually like them both and its OK to install both and switch between them… if you do it correctly.


5. Add ShrikeBot

Let’s do Shrikebot first as it is the friendliest to set up and use.

  • (😎 Download and steps 1-5 not required for easy mode) First we need to download the files, there are a few places you can go and you should remember there are different bot program versions for the various Day of Defeat versions. For Shrikebot Windows we need version 2.3.1 (official download )
  1. Extract the download to a folder on your desktop.
  2. Open the Shrikebot 2.3.1 folder and then the dod folder.
  3. Copy the two folders “shrikebot” and “dlls” to your C:\server\dod folder.
  4. You will get a message to merge the "dlls" folder, say yes. All that message is… there is a file called “shrikebot.dll” that needs to go in an existing game folder (dlls).
  5. Your file structure change for the bot is basically the “shrikebot.dll” file is in… C:\server\dod\dlls and you have a new folder called “shrikebot” in C:\server\dod\

 ShrikeBot is installed. It now needs a further configuration to run.

We are now going to alter the server command line via the desktop shortcut “hlds - Shortcut”. 

(😎 Steps 1-4 not required for easy mode - you alredy have this shortcut)

   1. Right click on “hlds - Shortcut” like we did when we set up the server.

   2. We need to tack on this line (remember to make a space on the last character of the command alredy in there) ...

+localinfo mm_gamedll "dlls/shrikebot.dll"

   3. So the whole thing looks like this with the new command on the end... 

C:\server\hlds.exe -console -game dod +port 27015 +map dod_anzio -autoupdate +maxplayers 16 +localinfo mm_gamedll "dlls/shrikebot.dll"

   4. Press “Apply” and “OK”.

What does that do?

Well that avoids the traditional method to run the bot program on a client PC (in the Bots manual second window from the top) of editing the libist.gam file, in this case we are using an admin Mod see  - About the liblist.gam file where we use it to run the admin mods.

We can’t use that client PC method in this case as the metamod .dll file is using that file and the liblist.gam file can only start one plug-in (admin mod or bot program).

By this method of desktop shortcuts both the server mods and bot mods will work.

The liblist.gam file starts the admin mods and the desktop shortcut starts the bot mods. No conflicts!

We are now ready to test the server.

Note I have edited one of the ShrikeBot files to fill a 16 bot server, more on how to change that later let’s run it first for a check.

  • Double click on “hlds - Shortcut” to start the server… note the console is very busy and you will see references to the ShrikeBot program setting up the server.
  • Go to your client and join the server.
  • You should see the server fill up to 16 players, you and 15 bots.
  • When you are done, leave the game on your client PC, type "quit" in the HL console. 

There is much more you could do at this point to configure ShrikeBot, add AMX Mod plugins and server refinements, I will not go into those, we are still installing.

Remember we can have two bot systems, ShrikeBot is now installed so let’s install Sturmbot and figure out how to start the server with either bot.


6. Add SturmBot

Now we can install SturmBot.

  1. In the download I provided, go to the “Sturmbot 1.9” folder, then “dod”.
  2. Copy the “sturmbot” folder into C:\server\dod
  3. Normally the next step is editing the libist.gam file to get Sturmbot working, but that would cause Metamod and AMX Mod to stop working. We are going to make another desktop shortcut like we did when setting up ShirkeBot.
  4. Go to your C:\server folder and find the “hl.exe”.
  5. Right Click on it and select “Send To” … then select... “Desktop (create Shortcut)
  6. We can now Right Click on the Desktop shortcut called “hlds - Shortcut” and select “Properties” What we are interested in here is the Target: box file address, we are about to modify it.
  7. We need to add the server commands and also the Sturmbot command….
    +localinfo mm_gamedll "sturmbot/dlls/STURM_bot.dll"
  8. So the whole thing looks like this with the new command on the end...
    C:\server\hlds.exe -console -game dod +port 27015 +map dod_anzio -autoupdate +maxplayers 16 +localinfo mm_gamedll "sturmbot/dlls/STURM_bot.dll"
  9. Press “Apply” and “OK”.
  10. What we have now is two desktop shortcuts, one named “hlds - Shortcut” (it's the ShrikeBot one) and another called “hlds - Shortcut (2)” to save confusion we can rename the shortcuts correctly.
  11. Rename “hlds - Shortcut” to “hlds - Shrikebot
  12. Rename “hlds - Shortcut (2)” to “hlds - Sturmbot

 15 the shortcuts

Now we can test Sturmbot and ShrikeBot, I have already configured the bot files in the download.

  1. First Sturmbot…
  2. Double click on the “hlds - Sturmbot” shortcut to start the server. You will note some references about Sturmbot in the server console and min (8) and max bots (16) set.
  3. On your client PC start the game and find your server in the LAN tab of the server browser. Join the server.
  4. Sturmbot is a little more complex and unstable with a lot more features, note first start up can be slow… just be patient. I think some of the issue is that there is a bot learning feature.
  5. Test the sever, mods and bots are working then leave the server.
  6. Go back to the server PC and type "quit" in the HL console.
  7. Click on "hlds - Shrikebot" shortcut  and do the same tests for ShrikeBot. 

Note if you see bots wandering around spawn and not navgating or getting stuck it could be where you get your waypoint download from.

You could have the wrong file, waypoints like dod_anzio from the SturmBot version 1.6… that have issues in the axis spawn door is likely your problem.

Point is get all your Sturmbot files from this site and read the readme as there are certain files to delete to make waypoints work correctly in Sturmbot. Always get the latest waypoints.

I will may add ShrikeBot files in the future, the ones in my easy download are standard.

Enough of that, we will cover some more items about adjusting the server.

The bot files I gave you were both adjusted for a 16 player server.

The server is a 16 player server If you want to adjust that up or down, we need to edit some files.

Server sizes and Bot settings: 

32 (Max), great for large maps and more a feel of a pub server but get very busy if you play the smaller orange maps a lot.

16 - 20 is a good size that you could say is average and likely a good setting for a LAN party with a few friends over.

8-14 is what you get in match play and on large maps could get a boring.

Adjust the total slots for the server:

  • To adjust the total server slots we first need to edit the shortcut to start the server…
  • Right click on either desktop shortcut, select “Properties” and change the maxplayers command to 20 e.g. maxplayers 20  

16 adjust players

  • Press the “Apply” button then the “OK” button.
  • Do that for both shortcuts taking the server to the total number you prefer.
  • Map time is another setting you may want to adjust. The server is made with a default of 30 minutes set in C:\server\dod\server.cfg e.g. mp_timelimit 30

mp_timelimit <number> Game time per map in minutes.

  • Open the server.cfg in C:\server\dod\server.cfg and a change for 15 minutes is ...

mp_timelimit 15

You should be mindful here that total player and bot numbers increase load on the server and there are separate settings for the server player slot numbers (set in the command line) as a total and bot numbers (set in the bot files).

It isn't a great idea to set to the server to a maximum of 32 players then set the bot files the same, you may not be able to join the server.

Say you set the server command line in the shortcut to maxplayers 32. Then you set the bot config files the same... it will fill with bots and not you.

Adjust the Bot files:

  • For ShrikeBot that means editing the C:\server\dod\shrikebot\shrikebot.cfg
  • Open it and find this…

max_bots 16

min_bots 8

  • Change to…

max_bots 30

min_bots 30

  • It's the max_bots that really matter here.
  • Save the file and close it.

Try a min of 30 and a max of 30. It will give you a 15 per side server with you in there too.

  • For Sturmbot, Go to C:\server\dod\sturmbot\bot.cfg
  • Open the file and edit these two lines…

min_bots 8

max_bots 16

  • Change to…

min_bots 30

max_bots 30

If you are hosting a local LAN and have issues with "Human" players joining and bots not leaving, your problem may be solved by a quick edit (shut the server down first) to those settings in the bot folder of the server.

Next is a matter of firing up the server, adjusting that to your taste.

You may also want to adjust the default skill level of the bots. Both of the bots have a manual to read in the server files.

  • ShrikeBot open the folder C:\server\dod\shrikebot\manual and click on the file shrikebot_manual.htm, select the "Adding bots" section.
  • SturmBot open the folder C:\server\dod\sturmbot and click on the file SturmBot_commands.txt,read the section "addbot [team] [class] [skill] [name]

We are actually finished the guide but the server at this stage will only play the default maps day of defeat comes with.

Next we can add some custom maps.


7. Add Maps and mapcycle files

You may or may not want to do this part but if you are asking some friends over its likely they will all want a favourite map played that not everyone else has, including the server.

When you add them to the server the other players will be able to either download them too or download them off the server as the map loads for everyone who has it.

  • Just remember you need to add the waypoints as well on the server as that is where the program is running from.
  • Be careful where you get maps from, I of course recommend my download section as I have added map packs that are checked for mistakes that alter the standard files like default sounds for flag caps, grenade explosions and all sorts of game files.
  • It is also possible to download and install early maps that were for dod beta versions... they will not work, make sure maps are for Steam Version 1.3.
Map download sites - Day of Defeat Steam Maps section. They come with Sturmbot waypoints that were edited, tested and placed there in 2019.

17s Buddies. A huge amount. There is a lot of good maps and some are bad. Unlike my downloads they are not screened for bad files (I test everyone of my map downloads) careful!

Gamebanana - another go to site for maps. Huge amount and again be careful, they are not into testing and there are some bad maps in there.

Sturmbot waypoints.

If you downloaded any maps from then they came with good waypoints for Sturmbot.

If you did not download from this site then beware, the older waypoints have a 99% they will be very bad.

ShrikeBot waypoints.

If you downloaded the package in this guide, when playing ShirkeBot you will (mostly) find the waypoints are already in the C:\server\dod\shrikebot\waypoints folder (over 600 of them are in the download).

The quality may vary as I have not tested them. Most I have played are OK.

After adding a Map - adjust your server file "maps.ini" 

When you add maps you should (as a good server admin) edit some files in the dod folder.

Why? You will not be able to select a map from the admin mod "changelevel" function as it works off a file in the AMX Mod X files.

If using my download - That file you need to adjust is in C:\server\dod\addons\amxmodx\configs\maps.ini

  • Right click and open it either with Notepad++ or plain old Notepad. You will see the standard maps listed....


  • Note that every map you download onto the server needs to be listed there.
  • If the are listed you will be able to select it with the Admin mod menu. Its worth it.

Say you downloaded my Sturmbot dod custom map pack 1 with waypoints map pack. (20 maps)

  • After installing those files you have to edit the C:\server\dod\addons\amxmodx\configs\maps.ini file, you would add these 20 map names under "dod_zalec" in maps.ini ...


Now for neatness you can also add them to  C:\server\dod\mapcycle.txt too but its not required.

While in that maps.ini file read the top of the file, you do have the option of deleting the maps.ini file and the AMX Mod X system will look at the mapcycle.txt file instead.

I prefer to use the C:\server\dod\addons\amxmodx\configs\maps.ini file to update the mapcycle as the mapcycle.txt can be wiped out in a SteamCMD or dod update.


That brings this basic but long guide to a close.

There are lots of items you can add as a local LAN server admin. Just search for plugins and give them a try but go easy... you can really screw up your server files.

  • Seeing you are on a local PC you can just back up your  C:\server\dod BEFORE doing something new or risky.
  • Know what you are installing, if it went wrong remove the files or edits you just did. Back ups are better!
  • Back ups...did I mention folder back ups? Yeah... they are important.

Don't forget, if you did get through all this and now have a better idea of Dedicated servers, you can now also add lots of other games to your home server.

Day of Defeat: Source, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike:Source, Half-Life2:Deathmatch... and so on.

For more advanced information on commands you should visit this section on Day of Defeat Commands

Enjoy. INsane and




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