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Half Life dod 3.1 Beta and Sturmbot 1.5.1 Half Life dod 3.1 Beta and Sturmbot 1.5.1 HOT
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You must have a Half Life 1 CD box with a cd key before downloading this.

It is only the update files to take a 1999 - 2003 boxed version of Half Life 1, update it and install Day of Defeat 3.1 Beta with Sturmbot 1.5.1.

This is the last version of Day of Defeat before the Steam versions.

The files in the download contain...

  • Half-Life Client - Full Client
  • Half-Life Retail Patch
  • Day of Defeat 3.1 Beta
  • Sturmbot 1.5.1
  • A readme with the method to get from the CD install to playing the game...

These are my notes as I used the files in the download...

1. Loaded up Half Life 1 cd from 2001, it has a CD key.
2. Installed CD key
3. Ran the game and sound ok but video in full screen not working (Likely cause is in software mode and needs OpenGL setting)
4. Desktop shortcut made and -window added to command line "Target"
5. Game runs.
6. Update to
7. Version is
8. Now I can have 1600X1200 video res but it crashed.It is on software mode.
9. Changed to OpenGL
10. Now it works OK
11. Half-Life Retail Update Patch
12. Runs OK
13. Now on 1280X960 OK.
14. Install dod 3.1 beta
15. Works, make sure you place a shortcut on the desktop when asked.
16. Install Sturmbot 1.5.1
17. The install adjusts the liblist.gam file
18. However you do have to edit the C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/dod/sturmbot/bot.cfg and add these...

min_bots 0
max_bots 8
throw_grenade 9000

The whole lot is now installed. Please read the readmes in your install directories....

Day of Defeat 3.1 Beta - C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/dod/manual

Sturmbot 1.5.1 - C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/dod/sturmbot

Thanks to Crimson Tide for the idea and the help for the install method.

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