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607 2001-2003 Sturmbot waypoints 607 2001-2003 Sturmbot waypoints HOT
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Waypoints for the last official versions.... 607 files for the most popular maps.

The list of waypoints that support maps are here.

Updated in August 2013 to include some fixes made in 2012 -2013.

This list is one that was kicking around the internet when I put up this site in 2012.

It is clear there are some broken ones inside please take care, Anzio, Avalanche, Caen and quite a few others have had fixes since 2003 and certainly past 2011.

This pack spans many versions of Day of Defeat, when Steam came along the maps got reworked including custom maps.

There are some waypoints in the pack that have a date of 2001, obviously they are for older versions.

One example is dod_caen where new walls were put in and the waypoint paths instruct the bot to walk through a wall, the bot gets confused and they pile up and get stuck.

No guarantee these are all first class - most are OK but it is obvious we need a review.

There is no "best sturmbot waypoint pack" from what I know and have tested (about 200 waypoints)  


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