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Missing Bazooka in spawns fix Missing Bazooka in spawns fix HOT
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From my readme. There is also a comprehensive PDF on this bug in the download. thumb bazooka in caen

[day of defeat] mp_spawnbazookas command and mapcycle.txt fix

In this download you will find a description of the issue.

It is a small tidy up of the official files that got screwed up in the past.
Is it required? Not really, unless you are a fan of the Bazooka class.

What this fixes:
This fixes bazooka's not spawning in maps that support that feature.
It also fixes a missing entry’s in the mapcycle.

Note: Everytime Day of Defeat is updated or reinstalled (including verifying game files), these files will need to be added again.

***To install*** - all files are in the dod folder. 25 files.

Just paste and overwrite the files in the download in your dod folder.

Normally on Win X 64 systems that is...
C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonHalf-Lifedod

In any case if you do not know where your install is, do this…

1. Go to your Steam Library.
2. Right click on the "Day of Defeat" link (left menu area)
3. Select "Properties" for the "Day of Defeat - Properties" box.
4. Click on the "Local Files"
5. Click on the "BROWSE LOCAL FILES" button.
6. You will see a "dod" folder.

Install the files in that folder.


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