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Sturmbot 1.7b Sturmbot 1.7b HOT
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Sturmbot 1.7b 11b is the latest package for Steam Day of Defeat 1.3.
Sturmbot 1.6 was for older, discontinued steam versions and Sturmbot 1.7b 11b is based on that.

Windows Installation

To install Sturmbot simply double click on the sturmbot14.exe and enter the path for the "dod" directory located in your root "Half-Life" folder. Your Half-Life directory may be named "Counter-Strike", depending on the version of the game you own. The default directory is already entered for your convenience.

Credits. Thanks to:

Dod team, Botman, Signit, Sydslag, Smitty, Chisato, Envinyatar, Bad_Dude, Pinkerton, JCoquillon, Manic, Stoffer

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