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sturmbot-1.6-Linux (Steam version dod 1.3) sturmbot-1.6-Linux (Steam version dod 1.3) HOT
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From the readme... "Sturmbot 1.6 is a "bot" plugin for the Half-Life mod, Day of Defeat version 1.0 or greater (called DOD from now on)."

This means dod versions after ValVe accuired the mod and made version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and finally Version 1.3 later updated to the SteamPipe update and the last version of Day of Defeat.

There is a very detailed readme in the download, here is the Table of Contents...

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
a. How Sturmbot Works

2. Installation
a. Before You Start
b. Sturmbot Loader
c. Installing Sturmbots
i. Windows
ii. Linux
d. Listenservers
e. Dedicated Servers
f. Sturmbots and Adminmod
i. Windows
ii. Linux

3. Controlling Sturmbots with Sturmbot Menus, Commands and Cvars
a. Diving Right In
b. Sturmbots on a Dedicated Server
c. Sturmbot Menus
d. Sturmbot Commands
e. The "bot.cfg" File
f. Sturmbots and Adminmod

4. Installing New Maps and Waypoints
a. Installing Maps
b. Installing Waypoints
c. Mapcycle.txt file

5. Vocal Commands

6. FAQ

7. Useful URL's

8. Credits


Please read the readme.

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