Single player mode for Day of Defeat

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This is a Windows installer package that installs an upgraded version of Sturmbot with some optional game fixes and custom files.

If you are a new user and wanting to update your day of defeat into a single player game, then use the installer and install ALL the recommended packages.

There is also a manual zip package with the same files here. I recommend that only for advanced users. 

There is a extensive PDF readme in the downloads, please read it as it has install instructions, the details on the content and credits.

Instead of reading the below you can read it here right now.

The package:

First a note to two day of defeat fans who, along with Johan Linde this package would not be here.

Rich Nagel and his fix to the main Sturmbot.dll file and the Scoreboard fix file.

Martee and his updated 2019 waypoints that fixed so many of the standard and custom maps so they at last…work and increase the fun factor.

Thank you both.

The content.

1. Updated waypoint files in 2019 and Sturmbot files. The main sturmbot .dll file is now version 1.9 and many waypoint files have been reviewed in 2019.

2. INsane's Sturmbot Menus. I have always provided custom menus in these packages, the installer has a menu that helps you play sturmbot. It also has controls video, audio, netcode, netgraph, chat and more.

3. INsane's Crosshairs. A set of custom cross hairs that are cycled through by pressing the "P" key on the keyboard.

4. Back up on install feature and restore on uninstall. (Installer only). This is just in case you want to remove the files, your files are backed up on install and replaced if you uninstall using the uninstaller.

5. Rich Nagel’s Scoreboard fix. Another standard file fix that enables the scoreboard to have 32 players shown and not cut off like the standard broken file. It’s a must have if you like full servers.

6. INsane’s Top Spectator Bar fix. Another small annoyance is the spectator bar at the top cuts off half the objective icons and a whole line off the kills and deaths messages. Before and after images below.

That is basically it.

Its a package that upgrades Sturmbot to version 1.9 and adds a lot of reworked waypoints that were badly broken. It also has some custom files and fixes you will find interesting.

This took most of September and October 2019 to put together.

After you download this be sure to visit the new map section on I am adding map packs with updated waypoints checked in 2019.

Map pack 1 is already done grab that here.




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