Single player mode for Day of Defeat

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Sturmbot version 1.4  (dod 3.0 - 2.0 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.4 (dod 3.0 - 2.0 Beta) HOT
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dod 3.0 Beta needs Sturmbot version 1.4, this will work down to dod ver 2.0 Beta.

It is a important version for the 2.0 - 3.0  Beta versions.

Don't use on dod 3.1 Beta. Use Sturmbot ver 1.5.

Fixes in this release from Version 1.3.1 ...

Added:- Dod 3.0 support
Added:- Waypoints for para_glider, para_hedgerow and para_kraftstoff
Added:- Faster and better take cover code.
Added:- Support for capture areas connected to a object.
Added:- New "waypoint team" command.
Added:- Bots will now take cover before they reload.
Added:- Bots will now follow other players if they got a object.
Added:- Support for capture areas without any connections to a flag or object.
Added:- You can now make navigation waypoints out of non teamspecific waypoints.
Added:- "killall" command.
Added:- Different animation when bots are calculating paths.

Fixed:- Navigation bug.
Fixed:- Bug with some commands in bot.cfg file.
Fixed:- Bots will now aim much better at close distance.
Fixed:- Bots will now deploy all deployable weapons.
Fixed:- Sniper spots fixed.
Fixed:- Bug with gunmode.
Fixed:- Changed default values of scorefactor and dangerfactor.
Fixed:- Bug when bots are carrying objects fixed.
Fixed:- Removed a navigation bug.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots stand still.
Fixed:- Bug when bots was stuck in alleys fixed.
Fixed:- Bug with the "waypoint test" command.
Fixed:- Some other small bugs.

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