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Sturmbot version 1.3.1  (dod 2.1 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.3.1 (dod 2.1 Beta) HOT

dod 2.1 Beta needs Sturmbot version 1.3.1

Fixes in this release from Version 1.3 ...

Added:- Sprint waypoint.
Added:- Bots will now kill teamkillers
Added:- New commands maxteamkills and fillserver

Fixed:- Removed aiming bug!
Fixed:- Sniper spots redone.
Fixed:- Linux library problems.
Fixed:- The bots will no longer stand still by no reason.
Fixed:- The bots will no longer throw more grenades than needed.
Fixed:- Bots with machinegun will now deploy it before covering fire.
Fixed:- Removed some bugs when the limit of 1024 waypoints was hit.
Fixed:- The bots will now hear footstep better
Fixed:- The bots will not shoot their teammates soo often anymore.
Fixed:- Improved some waypoints.
Fixed:- Adjusted the bots aiming skills.
Fixed:- Bots work's better in squads.
Fixed:- A bug when gunmode is turned on.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps
Fixed:- Covering fire works better now.
Fixed:- Some other small bugs.
Fixed:- Works with more flag models.

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