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Sturmbot version 1.2  (dod 2.0 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.2 (dod 2.0 Beta) HOT

dod 2.0 Beta needs Sturmbot version 1.2

Fixes in this release from Version 1.1 ...

Added:- Beta 2.0 support.
Added:- The bots use more voice commands.
Added:- The bots listen to more voice commands.
Added:- The bots use some handsignals.
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps.
Added:- Machine gunner bots go prone while in combat.
Added:- The bots will deploy their machine gun.
Added:- Added support for capture areas.
Added:- Support for maps with multiple objects and capture points.
Added:- Different combat behaviour for skilled bots.
Added:- New fun mode.
Fixed:- Spectators can now edit waypoints.
Fixed:- The bots selects and use all weapons.
Fixed:- Removed some navigation bugs.
Fixed:- Improved the squad system.
Fixed:- All different classes will now listen to "Covering Fire" and "Sniper"
Fixed:- Crouch jump bug

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