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Sturmbot version 1.1  (dod 1.3 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.1 (dod 1.3 Beta) HOT

dod 1.3 Beta needs Sturmbot version 1.1

Fixes in this release from Version 1.0, 0.9b and 0.9...


Added:- Bots will use more paths.
Added:- Bots will learn by their mistakes.
Added:- A waypoint manual.
Added:- Bots form squads.
Added:- Bots use their pistol better.
Added:- Bots fire shots in a burst.
Added:- New clientcommands pistolonly,knifeonly and grenadeonly
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps except dod_koln.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_goldbeach and dod_beachhead_b1.
Added:- You can now add bots without the rank in their names.
Added:- Placed everything in a sturmbot folder.
Added:- Bot menu.
Added:- Bots will now be added to the team with fewest players.
Added:- Adjustable braveness.
Fixed:- Bots use less voice commands.
Fixed:- Bots see you more easy when you prone
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps.
Fixed:- Uses less cpu.
Fixed:- Knife bug.
Fixed:- Aiming bug.
Fixed:- Fixed the button waypoint.
Fixed:- Bots see moving target more easy.
Fixed:- Lot of small bugs.


Added:- New clientcommands throw_grenade.
Added:- Bots use the voice command: "Move out!"
Fixed:- Bots don´t scream sniper all the time!


Added:- More advanced grenade throwing.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_oslo, dod_mainz, dod_hill, dod_seg3 and dod_dam.
Added:- Bots get scared by bullets.
Added:- Bots use stationary guns.
Added:- Button waypoint.
Added:- Bots get scared if someone is sniping at them.
Added:- Bots sometimes guard a flag.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints in dod_snowtown.
Fixed:- Changed some waypoint colors.
Fixed:- Some bot speed bugs.
Fixed:- Bots avoid grenades better.
Fixed:- Bots try to avoid getting stuck.
Fixed:- Can´t add bots to maps without waypoints.
Fixed:- The bots will work in maps without goal waypoints.
Fixed:- Smaller download size.

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