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Sturmbot version 1.1  (dod 1.3 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.1 (dod 1.3 Beta) HOT
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dod 1.3 Beta -  Sturmbot version 1.1

The next version 

Fixes in this release from Version 1.0, 0.9b and 0.9...


Added:- Bots will use more paths.
Added:- Bots will learn by their mistakes.
Added:- A waypoint manual.
Added:- Bots form squads.
Added:- Bots use their pistol better.
Added:- Bots fire shots in a burst.
Added:- New clientcommands pistolonly,knifeonly and grenadeonly
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps except dod_koln.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_goldbeach and dod_beachhead_b1.
Added:- You can now add bots without the rank in their names.
Added:- Placed everything in a sturmbot folder.
Added:- Bot menu.
Added:- Bots will now be added to the team with fewest players.
Added:- Adjustable braveness.
Fixed:- Bots use less voice commands.
Fixed:- Bots see you more easy when you prone
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps.
Fixed:- Uses less cpu.
Fixed:- Knife bug.
Fixed:- Aiming bug.
Fixed:- Fixed the button waypoint.
Fixed:- Bots see moving target more easy.
Fixed:- Lot of small bugs.


Added:- New clientcommands throw_grenade.
Added:- Bots use the voice command: "Move out!"
Fixed:- Bots don´t scream sniper all the time!


Added:- More advanced grenade throwing.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_oslo, dod_mainz, dod_hill, dod_seg3 and dod_dam.
Added:- Bots get scared by bullets.
Added:- Bots use stationary guns.
Added:- Button waypoint.
Added:- Bots get scared if someone is sniping at them.
Added:- Bots sometimes guard a flag.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints in dod_snowtown.
Fixed:- Changed some waypoint colors.
Fixed:- Some bot speed bugs.
Fixed:- Bots avoid grenades better.
Fixed:- Bots try to avoid getting stuck.
Fixed:- Can´t add bots to maps without waypoints.
Fixed:- The bots will work in maps without goal waypoints.
Fixed:- Smaller download size.

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