Single player mode for Day of Defeat

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Sturmbot version 0.8  (dod 1.0 - 1.2 Beta only) Sturmbot version 0.8 (dod 1.0 - 1.2 Beta only) HOT
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dod 1.0 Beta needs Sturmbot version 0.8, it should work only on dod 1.0 Beta, 1.1 Beta and 1.2 Beta.

Jowo warns in the next release that ver 0.9 only works with dod 1.3 Beta so likely this is the one for early versions.


Added:- Added Guard waypoint.
Added:- New clientcommands min_reaction and max_reaction and addbotmenu
Added:- Support for Object/Bomb maps.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_omaha and dod_vn61.
Added:- Bots use the voice command: "Squad, Stick Together!".
Added:- Bots listen the voice commands: "Squad, Stick Together!","Squad, Spread Out!" and "Need Backup!".
Fixed:- Bots don´t run to fast.
Fixed:- All sniper bugs fixed.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for dod_caen,dod_cherbourg and dod_snowtown.
Fixed:- Bots climb ladders.
Fixed:- Bots don´t shoot at kicked players.
Fixed:- The game dosent crash in dod_snowtown.



Added:- Bots use the voice command: Sniper!.
Added:- Bots listen to voice command: Take Cover!
Added:- Waypoints added to dod_snowtown.
Added:- New "crouch jump" waypoint (used in dod_snowtown)
Added:- New "precision" waypoint
Fixed:- Clients no longer prone when they hear "Move out!"
Fixed:- Dead sniper fix.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for dod_caen.
Fixed:- Bots avoid grenades better.

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