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Authors readme. Note It will still work on Steam 1.3 but has a few errors. See here.

StrumbBot Loader
Coded & Designed by: E.Rommel

1. Description
2. Installation
3. How To
4. Specifications
5. Troubleshooting
6. Credits
7. Copyright

Sturmbot Loader is a front-end designed to easily handle all different settings for the Sturmbot and the Day of Defeat Mod. It can be used to Create bots,edit bot skills,team,class ,etc.It can also Randomly generate bots for you and Manage you mapcycle and MOTD. It can set basic DOD game play values also like Maxplayers,teamlimit,Friendly Fire, etc. Sturmbot Loader is made to work with Half-Life standard and or Counter-Strike.

Make sure Any other versions of Strumbot Loader are Uninstalled..
Unzip and run install.exe
Then run Sturmbot Loader.
Check the checkbot confirming you have read all the legal & bug information.
You will see a message "Set Path." Then a Dialog.
Select the game you play with either "Counter-Strike" or "Half-Life"
Then click the folder button to browse to that directory..
this should be


(this mine but your drive may be different etc.)

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT have to navigate to your DOD folder Sturmbot Loader knows how to find the rest.
Then you are ready to setup you bots and play DOD.

3. How To
 1.Apply settings & reset settings.
 Select The bots you want and set your settings the way you want then.
 Click "Apply Config".
 If this is disabled it means you have already applied you config.
 Click "Reset Config"
 This will delete all bots. Create some Bots and set your settings and
 Click "Apply Config"
 After you are happy with your settings.
 Click "Play".
 All of you current bots and settings are stored and Sturmbot loader Closes.
 2.Update a Bots information.
   Select bot to update.
   Change Settings.
   Press Update Bot.

 1.Set Path- This is used to change currently selected directory and executable..
 If you have both install as I can Have to different versions of dod installed and   switch between the two.

 2.Additional Commands-This is used to pass other commands when dod is started..
 Ex. -nomaster or -heapsize
 (Thanks UK_Widowmaker for the -nomaster reminder with dsl I would have never thought of it)

 3.Change MOTD-This just lets you change your Message of The Day and save it.

 4.Edit Bot Names-This lets you add and remove bot names.

 5.View Files-This lets you open you current(saved) config files.

 1.Bot Information-Add,remove,update,add random bots.

 2.Sturmbot Options-Sturmbot options selection.

 3.DoD Options-Day of Defeat options selection.

 4.MapCycleEditor-This lets you add and Remove maps from your current mapcycle.

Current working with Sturmbot 1.4 + Dod3.0 or Dod3.1
Current working with Sturmbot 1.3 + Dod2.1  (Current working on my machine.)
Current working with Sturmbot 1.2 + Dod2.0  (Not tested but should work.)

If you have a problem with SturmBot Loader, report any bug by mail, and don't forget to send your corrupted configuration files (cfg, ini...), including a brief explanation of what you were doing and I'll take a look at them.

Thanks to the Sturmbot Team & Forum Moderators for creating a great bot and a home for the Sturmbot Loader and the dod team for creating one of the best world war II mods.
Sturmbot Team & Dod team & Sturmbot Forum Moderators

I would also like to thank everyone for there Ideas & suggestions.
Phuzzy,Jowo,Pvt.Joker,Sgt.Slaughter,UK_Widowmaker,Smitty the Hippy,porchmonkey

(c) 2002-2003  Ken Lowe
The executable and source code are property of Ken Lowe. You can freely use and distribute the installation file, but only in as freeware. I am not linked in anyway with Sierra, Valve, or any persons involved in Half Life development.

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