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Sturmbot version 1.5.1 (dod 3.1 Beta) Sturmbot version 1.5.1 (dod 3.1 Beta) HOT
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dod 3.1 Beta (non Steam, last of the Serria, won network release) needs Sturmbot version 1.5.1.

Fixes in this release from Version 1.4...

Added:- Short-time memory.
Added:- Several advanced squad behaviours.
Added:- The bots will now use the scope on sniper rifles.
Added:- MG code improved
Added:- The bots now learn which sniper spots are good and only guard areas where enemies usually come.
Added:- MG bots will advance until they have a clear line of sight of the enemy.
Added:- The bots will throw grenades more often.
Added:- The bots will now use the bayonet.
Added:- The bots will say sorry if they kill one of their teammates.
Added:- The bots will now sometimes understand and reply if you talk to them.
Added:- Better readme file.
Added:- "waypoint backup" command
Added:- You can now select which dll file Sturmbot will load, usefull if you are using metamod.
Added:- 2 types of botchat.
Added:- The bots use more handsignals.
Added:- Different menus for para maps.
Added:- "kickteam" command

Fixed:- Bots won't say "Fire in the hole" when there are no friends nearby.
Fixed:- Bots won't say "Enemy ahead" unless the enemy already spotted them.
Fixed:- Bots now know how to use buttons properly.
Fixed:- Bots now try even harder to avoid shooting friends.
Fixed:- Bots now understand the "Enemy Ahead" command.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots not aim properly when trying to destroy a breakable object.
Fixed:- Reduced the distance the bots could see players.
Fixed:- Bots now properly advance when trying to take out a MG nest.
Fixed:- The max_bots command can now be used without using the min_bots command.
Fixed:- Bots weapons are now just as accurate as the weapons humans use.
Fixed:- Bots that are guarding something have now got increased reactions.
Fixed:- Bots won't crouch in combat if they already are proning.
Fixed:- Problem with waypoint team command when adding paths
Fixed:- Bug that made it look like bots were alive when they in fact were dead.
Fixed:- Bug when bot tried to takecover and reload.
Fixed:- Bug that made MG bots sometimes miss proning players
Fixed:- Bots won't scream "I need ammo" as often as they did before.
Fixed:- Bug with snipe/guard spots.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots think they had grenades when they didn't have any.
Fixed:- Improved take cover code.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints.
Fixed:- A waypoint bug.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots not hear bullets sometimes
Fixed:- Bug that made bots say "Machine gun ahead" when the enemy not was a machinegunner.
Fixed:- Connections will now be copied when a waypoint is dublicated
Fixed:- "ways rebuild" will now rebuild the ways on both teams.
Fixed:- Bug with the "knifeonly" command
Fixed:- Bug when a bot was under water.

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