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Sturmbot dod custom map pack 1 with waypoints Sturmbot dod custom map pack 1 with waypoints HOT
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Sturmbot dod custom map pack 1 2019 with updated waypoints

A collection of 20 custom maps for day of defeat with the best sturmbot waypoints found in 2019.
See below for the maps. The maps are basically popular maps from 2003-2004 with good waypoints.

Each map comes with its own "mapname".cfg file in the dod folder.
Mostly they are either blank or generic server commands ready to edit, most people just leave them alone.


A. Copy the contents of the download "dod" folder in to your "dod" game folder.
B. Ensure you delete your old "learn" and "temp" waypoint files as some of these are updated waypoints.

If you do not know where your dod folder or what sturmbot "learn" and "temp" files are is than do this...

Step by Step:
1. Go to your Steam Libray entry in the left side menu "Day of Defeat"
2. Right click on it - select "Properties" to bring up the "Day of Defeat - Properties" box
3. Click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab
4. Click on the "BROWSE LOCAL FILES" button
5. It opens in the "commonHalf-Life" directory, your dod folder is in there.
6. Open the dod folder.
7. Open the dod folder in the download, copy and paste all of it in your game folder "dod".
8. It will likely find duplicate files. It is OK to skip those or overwrite them, they are the same files.

9. Result: The maps are installed and the sturmbot waypoints are in "dodsturmbotwaypoints"

10. Not finished just yet. These are UPDATED waypoints mostly. If this is a fresh install of the maps, do nothing you are finished.

11. If you do have older waypoints, do this to finish...


If you have OLDER Sturmbot waypoints from the past.... ALWAYS DO THIS....

Find your "dodsturmbot" and 2 folders to clean out, "learn" and "temp" folders.

1. Please make sure you delete all old "mapname.lrn" files in...
Drive install - commonHalf-Lifedodsturmbotlearn folder

2. Please make sure you delete all old "mapname.wp1" - "mapname.wp2" - "mapname.wpt3" files in...
Drive install - commonHalf-Lifedodsturmbottemp folder


INsane 2019


The maps and waypoint authors (omitted map authors as you see that in game)

1 dod_adrenalin4 Martee
2 dod_cherbourg   Martee
3 dod_diversion   Martee
4 dod_harrington Martee
5 dod_heutau_b2   Martee
6 dod_hill_classic Martee
7 dod_koln_b3     Martee
8 dod_lennon_b3   INsane
9 dod_mainz_classic Martee
10 dod_oslo_classic  Martee
11 dod_railroad2_b2  Martee
12 dod_sherman2_b5 Martee
13 dod_schwetz     Martee
14 dod_seg3c_b2    INsane Oct 2019 (updated both sides cap out, allies bias as Axis has harder tasks)
15 dod_snowcity_v3 Martee
16 dod_snowtown Martee
17 dod_solitude    Martee
18 dod_thunder     Martee
19 dod_tiger2_b2 Martee
20 dod_zafod_redux Martee

2nd place... look for these as a pack in the waypoints (older) downloads.

1 dod_adrenalin4 Ati77
2 dod_cherbourg   Martee (same as others were bad)
3 dod_diversion   Godcha
4 dod_harrington Godcha
5 dod_heutau_b2   Nil
6 dod_hill_classic NC17 and INsane 2019
7 dod_koln_b3     Ati77
8 dod_lennon_b3   Martee
9 dod_mainz_classic LordFerret
10 dod_oslo_classic  Ati77
11 dod_railroad2_b2  Godcha
12 dod_sherman2_b5 Ati77
13 dod_schwetz     Official Sturmbot 1.5 team
14 dod_seg3c_b2    Martee
15 dod_snowcity_v3 Ati77
16 dod_snowtown Sturmbot team
17 dod_solitude    Ati77
18 dod_thunder     Sturmbot team
19 dod_tiger2_b2 Noddy
20 dod_zafod_redux Sturmbot team

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