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Sturmbot dev map pack 1 Sturmbot dev map pack 1 HOT
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Sturmbot dev map pack 1 (2019 review)
The maps are simple, small developer textured maps or "orange maps" as they are more well known.

Mainly these are for fun or aiming practice.

***IMPORTANT OPTIONAL CONFIG files*** (recomended)

Seeing these are small maps you may want to consider adding the config files in the...
"Optional map configs no sniper or MG" folder.

* Sniper and MG class are adjusted to zero.
* Each map comes with its own "mapname".cfg file in the dod folder.
* In this case all are edited to limit MG and snipers to zero.

If that is not to your taste don't add them.

Adjusting classes in dod goldsource is slightly more complicated. See the "Adjusting dod Goldsource classes.PDF" in this download.

* Waypoints are brand new in dec 2019 and made by INsane and Martee.
* Map authors are various read below for known authors but most are shown as you enter the map.


A. Copy the contents of the download "dod" folder in to your "dod" game folder.
B. Ensure you delete your old "learn" and "temp" waypoint files as some of these are updated waypoints.

If you do not know where your dod folder or what sturmbot "learn" and "temp" files are is than do this...

Step by Step:
1. Go to your Steam Libray entry in the left side menu "Day of Defeat"
2. Right click on it - select "Properties" to bring up the "Day of Defeat - Properties" box
3. Click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab
4. Click on the "BROWSE LOCAL FILES" button
5. It opens in the "common/Half-Life" directory, your dod folder is in there.
6. Open the dod folder.
7. Open the dod folder in the download, copy and paste all of it in your game folder "dod".
8. It will likely find duplicate files. It is OK to skip those or overwrite them, they are the same files.

9. Result: The sturmbot waypoints are in "dod/sturmbot/waypoints"

10. Not finished just yet. These are UPDATED waypoints mostly. If this is a fresh install of the maps, do nothing you are finished.

11. If you do have older waypoints, do this to finish...


If you have OLDER Sturmbot waypoints from the past.... ALWAYS DO THIS....

Find your "dodsturmbot" and 2 folders to clean out, "learn" and "temp" folders.

1. Please make sure you delete all old "mapname.lrn" files in...
Drive install - common/Half-Life/dod/sturmbot/learn folder

2. Please make sure you delete all old "mapname.wp1" - "mapname.wp2" - "mapname.wpt3" files in...
Drive install - common/Half-Life/dod/sturmbot/temp folder


INsane 2019

The map authors, maps and waypoint authors

1 Necrosis                  dod_blue_1337            (waypoints) 8/12/2019 4KB INsane
2 [A.F.K]                    dod_blue_afk              (waypoints) 1/12/2019 5KB INsane
3 GaTesLgD               dod_booger                 (waypoints) 8/12/2019 4KB INsane
4 HT^                       dod_donner_orange     (waypoints) 5/10/2019 11KB Martee
5 Ch40$Kr!3[GER]      dod_dust_blue             (waypoints) 22/11/2019 5KB INsane
6 milburn                   dod_green_glass         (waypoints) 8/12/2019 5KB INsane
7 unknown                 dod_lime_bsl_b1         (waypoints) 7/12/2019 4KB INsane
8 cybertronarmy         dod_orange                (waypoints) 7/12/2019 4KB INsane
9 {HK}Forgotten_00   dod_orange_bridge      (waypoints) 7/12/2019 4KB INsane
10 c-ton - BSL            dod_orange_ctf           (waypoints) 7/12/2019 3KB INsane

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