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Aussie Pack for DoD 1.3 Steam Aussie Pack for DoD 1.3 Steam HOT


The Australian Day of Defeat steam 1.3 Player Pack.

This pack will replace your BRITISH DoD 1.3 content with AUSSIES.

The pack is divided up into separate parts as some like to pick and choose custom stuff. I had to learn a little more about dod 1.3 models than I wanted... DoD:S was about to release when these packs were made.

The Packs contents are a mixture of content from all over but the main part, the player models, came from a unfinished pack BillyNair and crew were working on..."The Pacific Theater Conversion pack" ...from 2004.

The credits are in the download.

Full aussie pack

The pack is made up of "options". The NSIS custom installer has a auto find Steam folder function, it should find the dod folder automatically.

The Installer also Un-installs via windows ADD/REMOVE Programs list... so if you don't want it anymore, no problem, remove all the files in seconds. It also has a selection of all the custom files...

Models, Aussie sounds, Object icons, Hi res Flags, Owen gun, Aussie knife, custom US and German sprites... go from standard, (just models) to all out Australian content.

Sprites, Object icons and flags. Aussie Knife. Aussie menus. Owen Gun.

The Owen gun.

Owen Gun oval

The Owen gun was a standard issue for Aussies in WW2, used in the pacific. It has it's own custom sound included. It has got "Sprites, Menus, "P" Model and a "W" Model as well. This is from the "The Pacific Theater Conversion pack" team. I did some work on this... it's not a nice looking gun but I use it for it's historical valve.

American and German Sprites option.
These will match the "Hi Res" Aussie ones if you like smaller than default player icons. They are, as with other items, an optional add-on in the installer.

German Sprites Picture ~ US SpritesPicture

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