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This is direct copy of Rich Nagel's Steam forums post on auto waypointing.

INsane's comment: Thanks Rich... you are very much appeciated by all StumBot fans.

Here is the story on Auto Waypoints...

New Discovery: Auto-generating SturmBot Waypoints! :)


Somewhere on the Internet (I can't remember the source) I had read several years ago that the author of SturmBot used and modified the original source code from the old Half-Life "HPB Bot" to create SturmBot.

I remember after reading this that I had found a tutorial for HPB bot waypoints editing and creation that included screenshots... and I remember that the pics looked a LOT like the waypoints for SturmBot when editing waypoint files.

I ALSO had downloaded a few HPB bot waypoint files and had a look at them in my trusty hex-editor... other than the 7 byte file header, the overall format of the file looked quite similar to SturmBot's ".WPT" waypoint files.

After that, I never gave it a second thought.

Fast Forward:

I stumbled on a utility for coded by the author of HPB bot, "BSP Tool". Included in that pack is the utility "BSP_Tool.exe" (mirror on dodbits downloads for BSP_tools package)

The readme for "BSP_Tool.exe" stated that it could auto-generate waypoint files for HPB bot, so that got me to thinking... I wonder if I can use this for SturmBot?

SURE ENOUGH, it INDEED does work!  Now, bear in mind, it's a bit complex... the utility is a command line utility, the waypoint files that it generates need to be renamed, and the 7 byte file header needs to be edited with a hex-editor.

Techie Stuff:

Basically, when you run the utility, it will generate an HPB bot waypoints file like this:

Map Filename: DoD_MyMap.bsp
Command Line: BSP_Tool.exe -w100 DoD_MyMap.bsp
Generated HPB bot waypoints file: DoD_MyMap.HPB_wpt

The tool will display something like the following when you run it:

Generating waypoints...
Using waypoint grid size of 100 units

Locations visited: 7000
7086 locations were visited
920 waypoints were generated
Calculating waypoint paths...

Percent of paths calculated: 100%

Creating waypoint file DoD_MyMap.HPB_wpt...


Secondly, you need to rename the newly generated "DoD_MyMap.HPB_wpt" to "DoD_MyMap.wpt" (the standard filename for SturmBot waypoints).

Lastly, you need to open the "DoD_MyMap.wpt" file in your hex-editor of choice, and edit the 7 byte file header from:




FYI, "WPTFILE" is the 7 byte file header for SturmBot waypoint files.

BINGO! A completely auto-generated waypoints file for SturmBot! PRETTY COOL, EH? 

Now, bear in mind... the auto-generated waypoints file ONLY contains neutral (non-team specific) waypoints; it does NOT create special SturmBot waypoints for flags, guard areas, capture areas, and the like.

BUT... having a base to start with REALLY makes it a TON EASIER, verses creating a waypoints base from scratch. Simply edit the waypoints within the game in the usual manner.

Nevertheless, with the unedited auto-generated waypoints file, your SturmBots will be running all around the map 


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