Single player mode for Day of Defeat

Michael milburn YouTube Channel - A quick overview of the menu.

The main reason this was made was to speed up the Waypointing part of SturmBOT, especially for the people who are learning. I thought of retiring this menu... but just in case I will leave it on-line for historical value... it's the only way we may be able to play with the old 1.3 version soon!

SturmBOT has many commands to type in the console. This can be quite daunting when you start, in fact it still annoys the hell out of me!

The Menu is complemented with binds and scripts as a total package for Playing and Waypointing SturmBOT. It is not easy to set up, but once it is... it does save time.

This is really for the advanced user, if you have little patience, this is not for you.

This is a second release and more than likely the last, DoD:S may put a dent in player numbers on-line... but no matter how good DoD:S is SturmBOT and ShrikeBot will make sure you can always play your old version forever...

This menu is dedicated to the memory of Johan Linde, aka Jowo.

This menu mentioned below is also in my Steam installer package for strumbot. If installing that installer version skip the manual install info below as set up is different and read on from here!

The manual install menu package can be downloaded here.

To get the best out of this menu you should install another file as well as the... "commandmenu.txt" (this is the file for the menu)

The other one "SturmBOT_Menu.cfg" holds binds and aliases.

Install is easy... if you know your way around the dod folder.

  1. Just place the file "commandmenu.txt" and the "SturmBOT_Menu.cfg" in your dod folder.
  2. Open your "config.cfg" or "userconfig.cfg" file in the dod folder and add this line to the bottom... exec SturmBOT_Menu.cfg Press save.
  3. Finished..... See the A QUICK LOOK INSIDE SturmBOT_Menu.cfg section at the bottom of this page.

Damn it! You lost me... I don't know how to do that stuff :(

OK then... Try a more longer and inclusive explanation...

  1. Below is the default address on most Steam installs before the Steam Pipe update, now these should be...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\dod


C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\dod

  1. You want the "dod" folder. Put both files of the download in the dod folder...commandmenu.txt and SturmBOT_Menu.cfg
  2. commandmenu.txt This is the menu file.

INsane's StrumBot Menu install 1

  1. SturmBOT_Menu.cfg This is the custom file for your SturmBOT waypointing binds and menu.
  2. config.cfg This is the file that holds your custom settings. Use NotePad to open .cfg files, you can tell Windows to always use NotePad to open these types of files.

INsane's StrumBot Menu install step 6

  1. When you open it,

go all the way down the bottom...

Then type in exec SturmBOT_Menu.cfg

  1. Go to "File" Press save.

Put it all away.

I know it's a pain, but now you know how to find your config.cfg file.

To uninstall the menu, just delete those two files... the standard dod menu will come back when you do.

Keybinds in the menu.

A QUICK LOOK INSIDE SturmBOT_Menu.cfg (or userconfig.cfg if you used the Steam installer version)

I have set some binds in the SturmBOT_Menu.cfg (or userconfig.cfg in the Installer version) file. You might like to change them? Just open SturmBOT_Menu.cfg or userconfig.cfg up like you did the config.cfg and change the bind keys to your liking.

If you downloaded the installer package or the manual one, here is what they are set at...

INsanes Sturmbot menu Key-Pad-Binds

Now you have installed the menu... there are two other sections you may like to read...

This section deals with using the menu for playing.

Adding Bots and Bot Controls, (Behavior, Weapons and Fun modes)

The Add Bot sections... Manualy add bots one by one. Fill or reset a server. Empty, Kick and Balance teams.

Add bots smallFill_Server_small

Manual adding. Automatic.

Bot Controls expands out into three sections Behavior, Weapons and Fun Modes.


The Behavior section. Weapons. Fun Modes.

Like the rest of the menu, the aim here was to automate a few commands into one click. When you use some of the Fun Modes in SturmBOT it gets a bit much and your game will crash if you have too many Bots. This depends on the power of your PC of course.

When you enter a Fun Mode with the aid of the menu the server numbers reset first, then the fun mode is added. A sort of a safety feature to stop your PC crashing.

SturmBOT Menu. Waypointing section.

The menu automates a lot of things needed to use SturmBOT by providing a single mouse click as opposed to entering in numerous typed commands in the console.

When you start to waypoint a map you have to start the engine, decide if you are going to lay down manual or auto waypoints with manual or automatic pathwaypoints. Then you may want to have those waypoints as a Team Specific or Non Team waypoints. This is before you have even placed the first waypoint!

Simple choices, but they can lead to many entries in to the console, take this scenario, you want to join Allies, lay down automatic waypoints only for the Allies, you do want to place paths and you need automatic ones...

Open console, type in press enter after each one...

  1. pathwaypoint on.
  2. autowaypoint on.
  3. autopath on.
  4. waypoint teamspecific

A lot of typing and you have not laid down a single waypoint yet.

Now try it this way...

Press the default key for you DoD menu "X', place your mouse pointer over the button "Waypoint Engine", slide over to "Start with Combinations", slide again to "AUTO Points AND Paths" click on it.

Go back to the same group and select "TEAM SPECIFIC (Toggle)"

That’s two keys and two clicks and no typing for the same result, plus you don't have to remember the commands...


Ok you get the idea, it's quicker.

You also don't have to remember a lot of commands or binds, it's in plain English right in front of you. There are lots of tasks when Waypointing that are long and drawn out.

There are some that are downright inconvenient.

The Waypoint Tag system is handy but to get to the last tag types it's a lot of key pressing on the standard menu, this has been speed up a bit as well, if you want the Sprint Tag, just open the menu, select the "group" it is in, the standard menu comes up, press "4" for sprint... done. (See the Picture below)

SturmBot obstruct

When you get into the advanced side of Waypointing, the editing and final cleaning up/checking, you may come across a waypoint you have to remove, the waypoint is a special one with a tag... but what type of tag and what side does it belong to?

SturmBOT has a command called "waypoint info", very handy, stand over a waypoint, open the console, type in the command and it displays it in the console :)

It has some problems... if you have not set "waypoint team off" it will only tell you about your current teams waypoints/tags :(

The menu way is easier and it takes care of those problems... Select "TAG Menus and Info" then "TAG info (READ CONSOLE)" What happens after the click is the console opens for you, at the same time it activates the "waypoint team off" and the "waypoint info" command. It also adds a spacer to separate the different ones you looked at...

SturmBot waypoint info

As you can see the different waypoints have been separated to make the results clearer and the process is quicker.

There are many more features like this in the menu, some I could not automate fully because of the half life console limits and the wording of the SturmBOT commands.

The "waypoint find" function was one of these, because it has the word "waypoint" and it is separated in two words, a complicated string of commands when also opening the console was not possible.

I tried to get the menu to find a waypoint with one click and type the number... it broke :( Still it was possible to simplify it a bit. In the "TAG Menus and Info" section you will see "Find a Waypoint", click on it and it will give you this...

SturmBot find_waypoint

At least you have some sort of instruction to help. After you type in the command and number, remember... in the steam console you can press the keyboard up arrow to enter the last command typed and find other waypoints one after the other :)

Another one that could not be automated was the "waypoint creator" command to name your waypoints. This has the same kind of "Console Help"...

SturmBot creator

But enough of half features, here are the rest.

The two last sections are "Special Paths and WAYS" and "Waypoint diagnostics".

"Special Paths and WAYS" was included in the menu because it takes away the need to use up more bind keys for a couple of tasks that are not used that often... "waypoint connect" and "Ways". Again, it will save you a little time and trouble when waypointing a special place like a double cap area...

SturmBot Special_paths_ways

The "Waypoint diagnostics" section has Bots that test your Waypoints, one click will spawn a test Bot named "Pondexter". He will test the waypoint you are standing on and report errors. It does not matter if you are Allied and he is Axis the "observer on" command is also activated so he won't shoot you...

SturmBot Waypoint tester

The other features in this section (some repeated) are...

"Find a Waypoint"

"Waypoint info (READ CONSOLE)"


"Waypoint SAVE"

For Waypointing alone that sums up the features in this menu.

That is the end of all the information on the menu, installing and using the menu alone has been covered now.

Waypointing is your next challange, there is a whole section dedicated to that here from various authors.


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