Single player mode for Day of Defeat

Table of Contents Written by Jowo (edits to update text in sections 1 and 2 by INsane)

1. Introduction and how Sturmbot works

2. Installation for Windows PC's

INsanes installer (easy)

StrumBot team original installer (harder)

 In game final adjustments

 SturmBot loader 1.2

3. Controlling Sturmbots with Sturmbot Menus, Commands and Cvars
a. Diving Right In
b. Sturmbots on a Dedicated Server
c. Sturmbot Menus
d. Sturmbot Commands
e. The "bot.cfg" File
f. Sturmbots and Adminmod

4. Installing New Maps and Waypoints
a. Installing Maps
b. Installing Waypoints
c. Mapcycle.txt file

5. Vocal Commands

6. FAQ

7. Credits

Introduction and how Sturmbot works

Sturmbot Ver 1.7b 11b is a "bot" plugin for the Half-Life mod, Day of Defeat version 1.0 or greater (called DOD from now on). Sturmbot generates computer controlled players called "bots". This allows a single player to play against the bots, or teams in multilayer games to be "filled out" with bots, to even up sides, or to add more players.

Sturmbot adds bots to your map, then uses a file called a waypoint file to tell them where to go, and what to do. It also uses the game console and a file called bot.cfg to add and delete bots and to control their behavior. We will talk about the game console and the bot.cfg file more later on.

Sturmbots also respond to commands in the three DOD vocal commands menus. We won't be going into a lot of detail on how the Sturmbots respond to the various vocal commands, we will leave that up to you to have fun experimenting with. However, we will explain how the sturmbots respond to one or two of the less obvious commands and give you a general idea on what to expect from your friendly neighborhood Sturmbot squad.

Installation for Windows PC's

Before you start , a couple of checks:

This guide assumes that you already have installed the appropriate versions of Half-Life and Day of Defeat, commonly known as DoD. In order to use Sturmbot Version 1.7b 11b you will have to have installed Steam DoD Version 1.3. The most recent version of Day of Defeat, (for Steam) can be found here.

Make sure you have run the game at least once and it is working. If it is not, go to the Steam game library link, right click on the 'Day of Defeat" link, select "Properties". Then select 'Verify integrity of game cache" button, if something is missing Steam will download all missing files.

At this stage you will want to decide if you want to use a quick windows based installer I made or the original SturmBot installer, there are no manual zip packages. I urge you to use "INsane's installer for SturmBot 1.7b Steam dod version 1.3" installer, it will save you pain.

INsanes installer (recommended for all users): You can get my installer here, just download it, run it and stop reading this long tutorial! This way is the best way as there are optional add-ons the SturmBot installer does not have. It is also compliant with the latest SteamPipe file system. To play just make sure you install one of my custom in game menu options in the installer, when you get in the game find the 'Sturmbot' section and the buttons are easy to understand for playing with the bots.

StrumBot team original installer (advanced): (It still involves a installer and manual edits to game files, this one was the last made by the SturmBot team get that here)

At this time you will want to make a backup of the "liblist.gam" file located in the "dod" folder which you will find in your main Half-Life directory. The default path for your Half-Life directory is...

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod the old file "liblist.bak" or leave it as "liblist - Copy.gam" after you cut/paste and if you need it again rename it ... "liblist.gam".
Double click on the sturmbot17b11b.exe in the download and Browse to the path for the "dod" directory located in...

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod

A box will pop-up after and tells you it installed in one of the above locations.

If you ran the game right now the bots will not work, SturmBot is a plug-in, DoD needs help to load that plug-in. Open the "liblist.gam" file, (you will need a good text editor like Notepad ++) and make it like this... (Line changes are in bold blue text)

game "Day of Defeat"  
url_info ""
url_dl ""
version "1.3"
size "5"
svonly "0"
cldll "1"
secure "1"
hlversion "1110"
type "multiplayer_only"
nomodels "1"
nohimodel "1"
mpentity "info_player_allies"
//gamedll "dlls\dod.dll"
gamedll "sturmbot\dlls\STURM_bot.dll"
gamedll_osx "dlls/dod.dylib"
detailed_textures "1"


In game final adjustments:

The SturmBot .DLL file... "STURM_bot.dll" in the dod\sturmbot\dlls folder will now load OK and the game will run.

Sturmbot key binds

The bots will not load yet, you also need to bind a Keyboard key to the SturmBot menus.

Just start a game, go to "OPTIONS" then the "Keyboard" Tab and set up at least the "Sturmbot Main menu" I used "F1" you can choose your own. Make sure you press apply!


Sturmbot bots are addedSturmbot main menuTo add bots just select item 4 in the menu is the easy way. Then the bots will load, time to play at last!

 Other controls are quite obvious and need no explanation, but if you need more, keep reading.

 More waypoints for this version will be required if you play a lot of custom maps. I have that covered in a download here, there are over 600 waypoint files including a dod_glider fix that fixes the faulty one this installer placed in.

Speaking of Custom maps, try my map pack, it has 22 of the best maps ever made, also they have fixes you will not find anywhere else, see here for details and a download.

Sturmbot Loader by E. Rommel

Caution: This is for experienced fans of this program ONLY, normal users are advised not to use it. It can give you many errors including a Windows start up issue error.

The SturmBot Loader was really made for an older version of Half Life and DoD. It still functions if you want to try it. It does have some bugs now but will work. Here is the install section of the readme from way back in 2002. Download is here.
 I have edited some paths and information...

Sturmbot Loader is a front-end designed to easily handle all different settings for the Sturmbot and the Day of Defeat Mod. It can be used to Create bots,edit bot skills,team,class ,etc.It can also Randomly generate bots for you and Manage you mapcycle and MOTD. It can set basic DOD game play values also like Maxplayers,teamlimit,Friendly Fire, etc. Sturmbot Loader is made to work with Half-Life standard and or Counter-Strike.

Make sure Any other versions of Strumbot Loader are Uninstalled..
Unzip and run install.exe

Note: Directory to browse to is ... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life  ... NOT the dod folder, the Half -Life folder is correct!

Note: You will get a lot of file not found errors...ignore them.

Note: Make sure you select to keep the existing file in the last pop-up box, just select "yes".

Note: Now browse to C:\windows directory, find "ST6UNST.exe" and delete it. It will give nasty start up errors if you do not.

Then run Sturmbot Loader. (Note: Look in your Windows program list in the start menu)
Check the checkbot confirming you have read all the legal & bug information.
You will see a message "Set Path." Then a Dialog.
Select the game you play with either "Counter-Strike" or "Half-Life"
Then click the folder button to browse to that directory..
this should be... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life  ... NOT the dod folder, the Half -Life folder is correct!

Note: You will get a lot of file not found errors...ignore them.

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT have to navigate to your DOD folder Sturmbot Loader knows how to find the rest.
Then you are ready to setup you bots and play DOD.

Note: The older readme, I have made some edits, some information may be incorrect ....

3. Controlling Sturmbots with Sturmbot Menus, Commands and Cvars
a. Diving Right In

You now have Stumbot installed, but you will not have any bots on your server until you add them. There are a number of ways to do this but for now, so you can play around, you can use this next section as a quick start to add some bots to your server.

First, use Windows or NT explorer to go the the directory where Sturmbot is installed, for example c:\Sierra\Half-Life\dod\sturmbot. Find the file called bot.cfg. Open it with notepad. Type in the following lines:

min_bots 0
max_bots 8

Now save the file.

And that is it. Now, when you start your DOD server it will load 4 bots on each side and you are ready to play.
b. Sturmbots on a Dedicated Server

If you are not running a dedicated server you can skip right to section b. If you are running a dedicated server you will need to set up a password for your in-game Sturmbot menus and commands before you can use them.

You will need to find and edit your "bot.cfg" file in order to do this. This file is located in the "sturmbot" folder which should have been installed into the "dod" directory located in your root "half-life" directory.

Open the "bot.cfg" file with Notepad and place the following line in it:

select_password yourpasshere

This is important - make sure that you don't use any quotes.

Once you have joined your game pull down the console and enter the following:

sturmbot_password yourpasshere

Again, no quotes.

You should now be able to access all of your sturmbot commands directly without prefixing them in any way in the console. You can also assign your menus and commands to hot keys. We will go into some detail on all of this in the following sections.

c. Sturmbot Menus

The most basic level of control for the bots can be accessed via the Sturmbot menu. There are two ways to gain access to the Sturmbot menu. One is through the console, the other is to create a shortcut key that will allow you to access the menu with a single key stroke. We will not go into any detail on the sturmbot menu items themselves as they are fairly self explanatory.

You can gain access to your sturmbot menu through the console by entering the command "sturmbotmenu".

Creating a shortcut key to access the sturmbot menu can be done three ways. One way is to start up DoD, then go to the "Configuration" menu, then to the "Controls" menu. Scroll down until you see the entry for Sturmbot Menu. Double click on it then press the key you want to use to bring up the sturmbot menu. Now hit done and you can start playing and use the key you chose to bring up the menu.

You can also add this key or change it from the conslole. To do this, pick a key that you are not using for the game. For example, the "i" key. Pull down the console, by default you can do this by pressing the "~" key. Enter this line:

bind i sturmbotmenu

The third way to create a shortcut key to access your Sturmbot menu is to manually edit the "config.cfg" file. You will find this file in the "dod" folder located in your root "Half-Life" directory. Open the file with Notepad and enter the following line:

bind "i" "sturmbotmenu"

This will give you access to the in-game Sturmbot menu using the "i" key.

Note: You should not attempt to bind the F1 and F2 keys to any command, they are already, intentionally or unintentionally, hard-coded to other functions in Half-Life.

d. Sturmbot Commands
Sturmbot Commands.

General notes:

Client console:
This is the in-game console. To be able to use this you must have -console in your game path.
If a sturmbot password has been set you will not be able to issue sturmbot commands via this
console unless you give the password using the sturmbot_password command.
If entered successfully (or if no password is set), you can then issue sturmbot commands.

Server console:
This is the console of a dedicated dod server.
When issuing sturmbot commands via a server console the following format must be used:

sturmbot "command_name argument1 argument2...."

All sturmbot commands must be preceded with the word sturmbot and the actual command and its arguments must be inside quotation marks " "
This is a file located in your sturmbot directory for setting your sturmbot preferences.

Following is a list of the sturmbot commands:
(commands are available for use in both consoles and the bot.cfg unless otherwise specified)

Command name:

sturmbot_password [password]
Notes: available through client console only

select_password [password]

botchat [off/limited/full]
Notes: off: bots will not talk, limited: bots will talk a little or full: bots will talk to each other and humans a lot

Notes: This will kill all bots prompting them to respawn. Please note this does not kick bots just kills them.
(not available via bot.cfg)

formsquad [on/off]
Notes: If set on, this will make the bots act in squads.

rank [on/off]
Notes: If set on, bots will have a rank in their name (Pvt. Gen. etc), off and they will just have plain names.

addbot [team] [class] [skill] [name]

team: 1 = Allies, 2 = Axis

class (normal maps):
US: 1 = rifleman, 2 = master sergeant, 3 =sergeant 4 = staff sergeant 5= Sniper, 6 = Support Infantry, 7 = Machine gunner
Brittish: 1 = rifleman, 2 = sergeant major, 3 =marksman, 4 = gunner
Axis: 1 = grenadier, 2 = stosstruppe 3 = unteroffizier, 4 = scharfschuetze, 5 = Sturmtruppe 6 = MG42-Schütze 7 = MG34-Schütze

class (para maps):
US: 1 = rifleman, 2 = master sergeant, 3 =sergeant 4 = staff sergeant 5= Sniper, 6 = Support Infantry, 7 = Machine gunner
British: 1 = rifleman, 2 = sergeant major, 3 = marksmen, 4 = gunner
Axis: 1 = kar98, 2 = kar43, 3 = scoped kar, 4 = mp40, 5 = mp44, 6 = fg42 with bipod ,7 = fg42 with scope 8 = mg34, 9 = mg42

Please note that if you give numbers for para classes and then play a non-para map, bots with a class higher than 7 will join with a random class.

skill: 1-8 (1 low skill, 8 deadly)

If arguments are not given for any of the above a random setting will be used (0 can be used to force random). Similarly if a name is not given a random name from the us_names,brit_names and axis_names files will be used.

throw_grenade [number]
Notes: This sets how often (out of 10000 times) the bot will throw a grenade

observer [on/off]
Notes: This will make bots ignore all human players. (Handy for waypointers for testing purposes)

min_reaction [number]
Notes: This sets the bots minimum reaction time in milliseconds (default is 60)

max_reaction [number]
Notes: This sets the bots maximum reaction time in milliseconds (default is 110)

botdontshoot [on/off]
Notes: This will stop the bots attacking anything.

pistolonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their pistols

grenadeonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their grenades

knifeonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their knives

friendlyfiremode [on/off]
Notes: This takes the bots out of teamplay mode, they will target any other player (human or bot) regardless of team.

Notes: Produces a list of the bots in the game giving their bot number, team, class and name
(not available through bot.cfg)

monsterbot [botnumber]
Notes: Gives the bot given in the argument an exceptional amount of health - turning them into a monsterbot.

fillserver [number] [team] [skill]
Notes: This will add the number of bots given (arg 1) to your game with the specified team and skill.
If no arguments are given random bots will be added until server is full.
(not available through bot.cfg)

kickteam [team]
Notes: kicks all bots on team given
team: 1 = allies, 2 = axis
(not available through bot.cfg)

maxteamkills [number]
Notes: This sets the number of times a player can teamkill before the bots will react.

min_bots [number]
Notes: Sets the minimum number of bots in the game at once.

max_bots [number]
Notes: sets the maximum number of bots in the game at once.

botteambalance [on/off]
Notes: If turned on, this feature makes the bots switch teams as needed to keep equal numbers of players on each team

random_skill [0-100]
Notes: If set to a high level, random bots will be more likely to have a high skill level

learn_priority [0-1000]
Notes: If set to a high level, bots will place more priority on learning.

botusemapmarkers [on/off]
Notes: If turned on, bots will place warning map markers

learn [reset/init/load/save]
Notes: This shouldn't normally need touching but just in case...
reset and init will reinitiate the bots learning
load will load the latest learn files for current map
save will save the learn files for current map
(not available through bot.cfg)

Notes: prints a list of sturmbot commands
(available in client console only)

Notes: displays the addbot menu

Notes: displays the sturmbot menu

The following four commands should really be left on default value unless you are a sturmbot expert


Sturmbot comes with a few 'funmodes'. These can sometimes be a little unstable.
They are:

bloodmode [0-3]
Notes: 0 = regular dod, 1 = blood splashes, 2 = blood & bodies stay, 3 = bots blow up, gibbing everywhere

maxbodies [0-64]
Notes: This sets the maximum number of sturmbot bodies that will be left lying on the map (with bloodmode 2) at any one time.
This can increase lag so use wisely.

robotmode [on/off]
Notes: Bots will explode into pieces of circuit-board when they die

ghostmode [mode] [team]
Notes: Makes bots fade in and out of visibility
mode 0 = off, 1 = slight translucency, 2 = more translucency, 3 = mostly invisible
team 1 = allies, 2 = axis (if no team argument given mode is applied to both teams)

e. The "bot.cfg" File

You were already introduced to the "bot.cfg" file in the "Diving Right In" section, now we will go into a bit more detail. As already noted, the "bot.cfg" file can be found in "sturmbot" folder located in your "dod" directory. You can open and edit your "bot.cfg" file with Notepad, or any text editor.

The "bot.cfg" allows you to configure Sturmbots so that they load in the way that you want every time you start your DOD server. All of the commands listed above in the "Sturmbot Commands" section, with a few fairly obvious exceptions, can be entered as lines in your "bot.cfg" file.

f. Sturmbots and Adminmod

If you are running Adminmod on your server with sturmbots you don't need to use the "admin_rcon" command with any of your sturmbot commands including "sturmbot_password". Sturmbots isn't a Metamod plugin so it operates entirely outside of Metamod and Adminmod's command structure.

4. Installing Maps and Waypoints

Note: This manual will not go into the nuts and bolts of creating and editing waypoint files. If this interests you there is an html Waypoint Tutorial that can be found in the "WaypointTutorial" folder located in your "Sturmbot" directory.

There are always new maps coming out for use with DoD. Many of your fellow Stumbot users take lots of their valuable spare time and make waypoint files for these maps. You need to download both of them in order to use the new maps and to have the bots know where to go on them.

You can find many waypoint files for Sturmbots here.

Note that installing maps and waypoints uses the same procedure on listen servers and dedicated servers.
a. Installing a Map

Some maps come as ready to install file. These end with ".exe". For example dod_flak88.exe. To install these, you do not need any other software on your computer. To install these maps, just double click on the file and an installer will run. The installer will try and install it to the default DoD folder, by default, C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. Hit browse and give it the correct directory if you did not install to the default directory. To double check that the map was properly installed look in the "dod\maps" directory for a file that has the name of the map with the suffix ".bsp". If you were installing "dod_flak88", there should be a file called "dod_flak88.bsp" in the "maps" directory.

Other maps come in a "zip" file to make them smaller, and thus faster to download. These usually end with ".zip". For example "" Before you try and add these maps, make sure you have a program like winzip installed on your computer to unzip the map files. Note that if you are using Windows XP you do not need any additional software. You can download an evaluation version of Winzip for free from:

If you are using Windows XP you will need to right click on the file and choose the "Extract All" option, Winzip may be used to extract files in a similar fashion. You may want to view the files before you extract them. Look for a readme file that for instructions. Most often, however, you may simply extract the contents of your "zip" file into the "dod" folder located in your root of your "Half-Life"directory. Note that your root "Half-Life" directory may actually be called "Day of Defeat" or "Counter-Strike" depending on the version of the game you own. As with the ".exe" installation, you can tell if the map was properly installed by looking for the ".bsp" file in the "maps" directory.

b. Installing a Waypoint file

OK, so you have a new map installed. In order to actually use Sturmbot on these new maps, you must install a waypoing file for the map. First off, download the waypoint file.

Next, cut or copy the waypoint file in the waypoint directory under the Sturmbot directory. For example, if you used the default installation settings for Half Life and DoD, then you would put them in this directory:

As long as you have waypoints in this directory, you will be able to play with bots on the custom maps you install.

Note: If you experience crashes when you start up a map, try deleting the files that pertain to the map in the "\sturmbot\temp" folder, and the "\sturmbot\learn" folder.

c. Mapcycle.txt

In your "dod" directory, you will find a file called mapcycle.txt. This tells DoD what maps you want to play and in what order you want to play them. Note that in order to use this file you must have the following line in the "server.cfg" or "listenserver.cfg" file, depending on the kind of server you are running.

mp_timelimit 30

You will find these files in the "dod" folder located in your root "Half-Life" directory. Note that your root "Half-Life" directory may actually be called "Day of Defeat" or "Counter-Strike" depending on the version of the game you own. You may open and edite these files with Notepad or any text editor. This command will set up your server so that it will play each map in the "mapcycle.txt" file, in order, for 30 minutes each.

If you want to add your new custom map to the rotation, then use Notepad to open the "mapcycle.txt" file. Add the name of the map you want to add to the cycle in the place you want to play it. For example, say your mapcyle.cfg has these two lines at the top of the file:


Now lets say you downloaded and installed a new map called dod_flak88. You want to start that map after Caen and before dod_kraftstoff. Just insert a line and add the name of the map. Your file would then look like this:


Save the file, and from that point on, the new map will be included in your game rotation. One note of caution: make sure you type the name of the map correctly or it will not load properly.

5. Vocal Commands

Sturmbots will respond to commands from the three DOD Vocal Commands menus. We will not be going into much detail here on how the Sturmbots respond to the various commands other than to highlight a couple of the, perhaps, less obvious and more important commands. It will suffice to say that you can effectively control your Sturmbots within hearing range using the vocal commands.

If you want the Sturmbots to follow you, use the "Stick together men!" command. If you need machine gun ammo, yell out "I need ammo!" and the bots will try and drop you more ammo. If you are attempting to take an objective that requires more than one person to capture, "I need backup!" will cause any Sturmbots within hearing range on your team to come to your aid.. In fact "I need backup!" may be the most popular and useful command in the menus

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I run Sturmbot on my dedicated server?

A: Yes

Q: Can I run Sturmbot with Admin Mod and other plugins?

A: Yes. We run it with Admin Mod, HLGuard, HL Boost, Blatt Rate, Sank Consgreet, and LogD with no problem.

Q: How do I access Sturmbot menus and commands on my dedicated server?

A: See section 3. b. "Sturmbots on a Dedicated Server".

Q: How do I get Sturmbots to follow me?

A: The vocal command "Stick together men!" will cause the Sturmbots to follow you.

Q: Can I keep the bots from showing up in my Psychostats stats pages?

A: A: Yes. Keeping the Sturmbots from showing up in Psychostats is simple. Find a file called "deny.cfg" in your main Psychostats directory. Open it with notepad. Add this line:

won: BOT

Save the file. Stats for the bots will now be excluded from your Psychostats pages.

Q: Do you have a list of all of the commands for Sturmbot?

A: See the section 3. d., "Sturmbot Commands", of this manual. There is a list of the commands and what they do there. Note that this list does not include waypoint commands. See the Waypoint Tutorial for more information on waypoints.

Q: Can I change the bot settings in game?

A: Yes. See the sections 3. b. and 3. d. of this manual.

Q: I downloaded a map, but I cannot get the bots to show up. A message appears that says "no waypoints for this map".

A: You must install waypoints for each map that you want to use Sturmbots in. See sections 4. a. and 4. b. of this manual.

Q: My server keeps crashing, any suggestions?

A: Sturmbots has proven itself to be a fairly stable program, however nothing is perfect. Using the "max_bots" command without using the "min_bots" command will probably cause your server to crash eventually. The only other advice that can be offered here is to try and isolate the cause of the crash. Try running your game over night without any additional programs. If it is stable and you are using Adminmod, try adding that to see if you can get your server to run overnight without any crashes. If it proves to be stable then, add Sturmbots. If it is still stable, you know that the problem is not Sturmbots and from there it will continue to be a process of elimination, adding one plugin or setting at a time to try and isolate the cause of the problem.

Other useful places to turn for help are the United Admins forums:

or the Adminmod forums:

7. Credits

Thanks to:

Dod team



And everyone else that I have forgotten to mention.
SturmBot Loader

Ken Lowe
Thanks to Owen Lee Stairs and Stuart Thayn for all the work they put into this manual.



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