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Below is the orgional document by Jowo. You can find this in your game folder...


Sturmbot Commands. General notes:

Client console:
This is the in-game console. To be able to use this you must have -console in your game path.
If a sturmbot password has been set you will not be able to issue sturmbot commands via this
console unless you give the password using the sturmbot_password command.
If entered successfully (or if no password is set), you can then issue sturmbot commands.

Server console:
This is the console of a dedicated dod server.
When issuing sturmbot commands via a server console the following format must be used:

sturmbot "command_name argument1 argument2...."

All sturmbot commands must be preceded with the word sturmbot and the actual command and its arguments must be inside quotation marks " "

This is a file located in your sturmbot directory for setting your sturmbot preferences.

Following is a list of the sturmbot commands:
(commands are available for use in both consoles and the bot.cfg unless otherwise specified)

Command name:

sturmbot_password [password]
Notes: available through client console only

select_password [password]

botchat [off/limited/full]
Notes: off: bots will not talk, limited: bots will talk a little or full: bots will talk to each other and humans a lot

Notes: This will kill all bots prompting them to respawn. Please note this does not kick bots just kills them.
(not available via bot.cfg)

formsquad [on/off]
Notes: If set on, this will make the bots act in squads.

rank [on/off]
Notes: If set on, bots will have a rank in their name (Pvt. Gen. etc), off and they will just have plain names.

addbot [team] [class] [skill] [name]

team: 1 = Allies, 2 = Axis

class (normal maps):
US: 1 = rifleman, 2 = master sergeant, 3 =sergeant 4 = staff sergeant 5= Sniper, 6 = Support Infantry, 7 = Machine gunner
Brittish: 1 = rifleman, 2 = sergeant major, 3 =marksman, 4 = gunner
Axis: 1 = grenadier, 2 = stosstruppe 3 = unteroffizier, 4 = scharfschuetze, 5 = Sturmtruppe 6 = MG42-Schütze 7 = MG34-Schütze

class (para maps):
US: 1 = rifleman, 2 = master sergeant, 3 =sergeant 4 = staff sergeant 5= Sniper, 6 = Support Infantry, 7 = Machine gunner
British: 1 = rifleman, 2 = sergeant major, 3 = marksmen, 4 = gunner
Axis: 1 = kar98, 2 = kar43, 3 = scoped kar, 4 = mp40, 5 = mp44, 6 = fg42 with bipod ,7 = fg42 with scope 8 = mg34, 9 = mg42

Please note that if you give numbers for para classes and then play a non-para map, bots with a class higher than 5 will join with a random class.

skill: 1-8 (1 low skill, 8 deadly)

If arguments are not given for any of the above a random setting will be used (0 can be used to force random). Similarly if a name is not given a random name from the allied_names and axis_names files will be used.

throw_grenade [number]
Notes: This sets how often (out of 10000 times) the bot will throw a grenade

observer [on/off]
Notes: This will make bots ignore all human players. (Handy for waypointers for testing purposes)

min_reaction [number]
Notes: This sets the bots minimum reaction time in milliseconds (default is 70)

max_reaction [number]
Notes: This sets the bots maximum reaction time in milliseconds (default is 120)

botdontshoot [on/off]
Notes: This will stop the bots attacking anything.

pistolonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their pistols

grenadeonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their grenades

knifeonly [on/off]
Notes: This makes bots use only their knives

friendlyfiremode [on/off]
Notes: This takes the bots out of teamplay mode, they will target any other player (human or bot) regardless of team.

Notes: Produces a list of the bots in the game giving their bot number, team, class and name
(not available through bot.cfg)

monsterbot [botnumber]
Notes: Gives the bot given in the argument an exceptional amount of health - turning them into a monsterbot.

fillserver [number] [team] [skill]
Notes: This will add the number of bots given (arg 1) to your game with the specified team and skill.
If no arguments are given random bots will be added until server is full.
(not available through bot.cfg)

kickteam [team]
Notes: kicks all bots on team given
team: 1 = allies, 2 = axis
(not available through bot.cfg)

maxteamkills [number]
Notes: This sets the number of times a player can teamkill before the bots will react.

min_bots [number]
Notes: Sets the minimum number of bots in the game at once.

max_bots [number]
Notes: sets the maximum number of bots in the game at once.

botteambalance [on/off]
Notes: If turned on, this feature makes the bots switch teams as needed to keep equal numbers of players on each team

random_skill [0-100]
Notes: If set to a high level, random bots will be more likely to have a high skill level

learn_priority [0-1000]
Notes: If set to a high level, bots will place more priority on learning.

botusemapmarkers [on/off]
Notes: If turned on, bots will place warning map markers

learn [reset/init/load/save]
Notes: This shouldn't normally need touching but just in case...
reset and init will reinitiate the bots learning
load will load the latest learn files for current map
save will save the learn files for current map
(not available through bot.cfg)

Notes: prints a list of sturmbot commands
(available in client console only)

Notes: displays the addbot menu

Notes: displays the sturmbot menu

The following four commands should really be left on default value unless you are a sturmbot expert


Sturmbot comes with a few 'funmodes'. These can sometimes be a little unstable.
They are:

bloodmode [0-3]
Notes: 0 = regular dod, 1 = blood splashes, 2 = blood & bodies stay, 3 = bots blow up, gibbing everywhere

maxbodies [0-64]
Notes: This sets the maximum number of sturmbot bodies that will be left lying on the map (with bloodmode 2) at any one time.
This can increase lag so use wisely.

robotmode [on/off]
Notes: Bots will explode into pieces of circuit-board when they die

ghostmode [mode] [team]
Notes: Makes bots fade in and out of visibility
mode 0 = off, 1 = slight translucency, 2 = more translucency, 3 = mostly invisible
team 1 = allies, 2 = axis (if no team argument given mode is applied to both teams)


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