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October 2021



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May 2020

Update 10th May 2020. I have updated some items. 

New section: Day of Defeat Commands  It has two articles so far. The intent is to describe most (not all) cvars that you may commonly encounter on a server or as a player.

The first one is for server commands, there is a link to my other site, that is because its connected to a PHP function that generates a form and outputs a file. I cannot link that to

The other is under construction, its for player guides.

Older may news...

Long time no updates!

I do have new work on the site, one finished and two in progress in May 2020.

Ever wanted to have your own server, with Admin Mods and play with bots... perhaps host a COVID-19 LAN family party?

Maybe... a LAN party just with bots perhaps is more realistic.

Well, grab an old laptop or PC and have some quality day of defeat games on your own Admin modded server... 

Day of Defeat steam Win dedicated server at home - with bots

The other two new articles will be a server and player guide to commands used in a server or a player config.cfg file. Those are in progress on my local PC now... maybe by mid-May I will finish.

I am lucky enough to still have a job (I work in an essential transport service) so it will take some time.

I hope you and your family are safe.

Hang in there. Its been 100 years since we had something like this occur and it has a little way to go yet.


December 2019

UPDATE: 26 Dec 2019 - The waypointing guide Rich Nagel started ages ago is being updated again (since Aug 2019) I have placed a lot more effort into it over the past week. consider this the best guide for waypointing Sturmbot now...

The (updated) SturmBot Waypoint Tutorial by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel (last update 25th Dec 2019 working on waypoint "Tag" types)

UPDATE: 19 Dec 2019 - The second map pack of 10 for the developer style maps is now completed.

Older Dec 2019 news:

Sturmbot version 1.9 is released. Grab it here.

More custom maps have been added, there are now 4 map packs in the map download section.

I have since added a CS port map pack (7 maps) and also a pack of 10 developer style maps (orange maps). I intend to do another 10 in December.

All map packs come with sturmbot waypoints checked by me to ensure the best are selected.

There is also a Sturmbot waypoint only download of each map pack if you already have the maps listed and want a lighter download.

That brings the total of upgraded waypoints to 99. The last pack is a map pack of fun maps like dod_walmart likely a pack of 5 to 10.

2019 is nearly over and with the help of Martee and others for the few donations the target of upgrading this website, and the sturmbot package has almost reached what I set out to do, upgrade most of the important and very broken waypoints to keep Sturmbot alive for two more years at least.

It was a lot of work for Martee and myself. Totally worth it looking back.

I have enjoyed playing the maps while testing and waypointing, forgot how great the 20 years plus game is.

The memories that brought back are pricless to me.

Oh and... Merry Christmas.


November 2019

Sturmbot version 1.9 is released. Grab it here.

20 Custom maps (Sturmbot map pack 1) released. Grab it here.

More custom maps have been added, there are now 4 map packs in the map download section.

All map packs come with sturmbot waypoints checked by me to ensure the best are selected.

There is also a Sturmbot waypoint only download of each map pack if you already have the maps listed and want a lighter download.

More will be added week by week, so far the maps total 50 in all 4 packs, they are all standard dod maps. Next will be some small textured, fun and orange map packs, also a small pack of well known Counter-Strike ported maps.

Aiming for a top 100 dod maps with updated or best Sturmbot waypoints I can find.

October 2019 

27 October update:

Sturmbot version 1.9 is released. Grab it here.

20 Custom maps (Sturmbot map pack 1) released. Grab it here.

More custom maps have been added 

Work on an updated set of waypoints for Sturmbot standard day of defeat maps and the unofficial day of defeat manual continues.

As it turned out a waypointer who you may not have heard of, known as "Martee" has been very active in 2019 has looked at the early flaws found in waypoints and fixed... every one of them including his earlier waypoints.

The downloads are not completed just yet, some of the waypoints are so new they are only hours old after writing this Oct 2019 update.

A big thank you to Martee. Some of those waypoints replaced from 2003, 2004, 2007 and even 2012 were broken for far too long.

After this review on the waypoints for standard day of defeat maps I plan to make an update to my windows installer and also provide a manual zip for those that have Mac OS or Linux.

The updated main downloads will also include Rich Nagel's updated sturmbot .dll file SturmBot v1.7 "Stosstruppe" and "Scharfschütze" Bot Class Fix (SturmBot v1.9) that compliments the updated Sturmbot package and kills off a lot of annoying bugs.

All of this is down to me neglecting this spin off site of, it started in July 2019 when I decided not to close and this site and go after and bugs the site and the downloads in them were holding. one of the last download sites still around so it deserves the attention.

Its a lot of work, there is still is a lot to do on this site.

One of the things that came out of the waypoint reviews was, obviously finding Sturmbot now has a really good waypointer, but also the appreciation of just how good the last maps were built. Looking at them in detail while testing brought back great memories, while retesting waypoints is like a visit to a dental clinic there were moments where I stopped and remembered just where day of defeat came from.

In saying that even the official files have update flaws, like the missing bazooka's in spawn issue I found. 25 main files in the dod folders are just plain wrong, in fact it looks like some sloppy work by someone in a past update who didn't know what the hell they were doing.

Getting changes like that fixed means a a whole lot of work, I may ask in the github Half Life 1 games issues section but not right now, way too busy! 

September 2019 

Still working on items in the background, you may not have noticed but I have been working on an upgraded manual for day of defeat. Ever started something and bit off more than you could chew? Yeah...its like that.

The official manual is a bit basic when describing maps. The other thing I wnat to insert is a Sturmbot waypoint review, so many packs have broken waypoints so as I go through the map review I am reviewing / fixing waypoints, I am up to dod_glider now.

Need some upgraded Waypoints?

That effort on the "unofficial" manual is also changing the downloads, as I go I am adding single waypoint downloads for each map, at the end of the review, fix ones that don't work and make my own 2019 pack. You can see that new download section here. About the only one left to fix is dod_caen. Martee is currently making waypoints and some of his were that good... they beat some of the official waypoints.

Check out his site here.

Reviewing waypoints isn't easy by the way, requires about 10-20 X 20minute runs to evaluate 3 different authors. Thats why... doing a revamped dod manual and reviewing waypoints at the same time... 2 months!

Other items are Sturmbot downloads for older versions. There is also a guide on what version of dod to use with what version of Sturmbot. It isn't 100% finished, I am still getting files for Linux versions.

There is another page on day of defeat Steam version and major updates from 22 Aug 2018 way back to 13 Oct 2003.  The reason for this is there are quite a few bugs from some of these updates so I helps to know what changed and how that introduced a new bug.

Mostly I have been on a waypoint test and fix task for most of August and it will be the end of September before that is completed.

After that... look out for a lot of changes in Sturmbot support for local lan, home and game server support files. I haven't played dods for about 2 months... so much information has been removed for the older version of dod I want to build into a resource not only for upgraded bot files, but also for Day of Defeat.


Looking for an easy to install dod single player bot?

Download Now... but please make a small donation after use.

About Sturmbot - click here


August 2019 

New downloiads added, a new section for Day of Defeat 3.1 beta with install files including a short guide to the process to get from a Half Life 1 install from a retail CD to dod 3.1 beta and Sturmbot 1.5.1.

Similar to this page and video on YouTube by simosimo. His links were a bit outdated so I refreshed them here. 

There is also a download of custom crosshairs for dod 3.1 Beta. More soon in that section.

More new content coming soon. Windows Dedicated server install guide. SteamCMD, Admin menus, SturmBot and Shrikebot. botsbaby

The guide is basically made and tested on my local LAN using 31 bots. Its really for a LAN party or single-play on a local network but I see not reason why it will not work on a on-line set up.

  • Pointed more towards a PC on your local network but is also useful for on-line servers, especially for bots.
  • Is windows only but Linux is coming, SteamCMD used.
  • Does have a download of updated files, the actual guide in PDF is 20 pages and 90 individual steps.
  • To do yet is to sort through the Sturmbot and Shrikebot waypoints... that is a huge task and will take some time.

Perhaps the end of this month for the windows guide, end of September for a Linux guide with files.


July 2019

Hi all, I have paid for a two year deal for my websites and

I only got a couple of donations but to those persons who did... I thank you very much it was the trigger to keeping them up.


May 2019

I am re-thinking this decision I made in Dec 2018...

This website will be retired in 2019.

How about you donate a small amount and we keep SturmBot alive? 

See the donate button above (dodbits PayPal Button above right). 

There's a good reason:

The cost of hosting ($400 USD per year to help others like you!!!) I am seeking another web host /deal to cut costs and maybe this site will stay.

The problem is you guys mostly have an adblocker on, AD revenue from google is now... almost $0, I don't like ads either... but I have been supporting you guys since 2005, and the Ads did help pay.

Without the ad revenue I am paying 95% of the running costs - to help you. It isn't fair or sustainable.

Also, there was major health, time and financial family impacts over the past year, these are slowly improving but I still need to reduce my spending. This site was paid for in 2018, it may not be in 2019. 

Both and MAY  be deleted past September 2019.

Throw a buck or two in and I think I can keep it going up to 2023!

INsane. (webmaster and

Up to you guys, donate and I will see what I can do to keep alive.


Sturmbot is an addon single player "bot" for the multiplayer game day of defeat, (dod).

If you have the Half Life 1 mod day of defeat 1.3 for steam then you can install Sturmbot from the downloads on this site (free) and play in singleplayer mode!

What is Sturmbot? 

Other Links

Want to play day of defeat in single player?

Just two steps.

  1. Buy Day of Defeat from Steam
  2. Windows users best way to install the bots (Free)
A DoD documentary by simosimo

Quote 6:17 in the video: Even though the half life one engine looked like arse even back in 2003, I can honestly remember being floored by the immersion levels, the sound, the detailed weapon models were simply amazing for the time.


8:53: I think the actual immersion of dod was the fact that everything looked poor and your mind filled in the gap, much like reading a book. 

There are many facets to the program, you can download a simple to use installer here on this site ready to play with 600+ maps, (600 waypoint files in the install not maps) and also find some hard to get custom files for Day of Defeat as well.

You can learn to waypoint your own maps and put them here for others (Contact the Webmaster). Playing Stumbot has a lot of settings, skill level, funmodes, class selection.

If you like dod you will find bots can be a lot of fun.... give it a try, download the installer and frag some bots.

Sturmbot has had a few sites over the years and all the places are mostly gone, I hope this site corrects that. I am not the developer of Sturmbot, the developer was Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo.

Johan Linde
Johan Linde, AKA... Jowo

Sadly, Johan perished while vacationing in Thailand when the 2004 Tsunami hit, he was listed as missing.

There are some bits of info' on the web that some family members also died. 

Enough was rescued for the program to function with the latest steam dod1.3. This site is dedicated to lost files so Johan's work does not disappear.

I will add all the sections soon so for now its a little bare. This site just holds what is gone from other sites now long disappeared.

I also intend to place downloads and articles for Day of Defeat, all versions that are not Day of Defeat:Source related, Steam and presteam versions.

My other site is, I thought it would be nice if Sturmbot had a place of its own.




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