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INsane's installer for SturmBot 1.7b Steam dod version 1.3 INsane's installer for SturmBot 1.7b Steam dod version 1.3 HOT
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updated steampipe

NOTICE: This is the OLDER 1.7 installer. 


UPDATE 1: Updated for SteamPipe, also now includes 2 menus for playing and waypointing StrumBOT

UPDATE 2: Also updated a map pack, 22 of the best dods maps that have fixes you will not find on other download sites.

This is more than just a SturmBot 1.7B install. 
This has been made for the casual dod player who wants an easy install to play with the bots.
It will not require to edit any files to make it work, and has extras too...

* Added 585 waypoint files for standard and a lot of custom maps.
  You will recieve files the normal StrumBOT program will not give you.  
  Replaced some of the waypoint files that were missing or broken...

    dod_glider... official was corrupted, now fixed.
    dod_lennon_b3... never had waypoints, now added.
    dod_seg3c_b2...  never had waypoints, now added.

    The list of waypoints that support maps are here.

* INsane's SturmBot menus. Lots of controls to play or waypoint with StrumBOT.
    There are two to pick from 
    1. SturmBot Player Menu.  Selected by default. A good menu for Playing and light waypointing.
       Holds lots of the fun modes you may not be aware of.

    2. SturmBot Developer Menu. Mostly for experienced waypointers with a lot of easy to use buttons to make the task easy.
       Has lots of extras for playing too, fun modes and some user tweeks too.

       See here for more info'on making your own waypoints...

* INsane's Crosshairs. A set of custom cross hairs that are cycled through by pressing the "P" key.

Lots of people have difficulty putting on the bots manually, the installer for the steam dod version seems to have a couple of bind issue bugs. It does a lot of items usually done by manually editing files in the dod folder.
You should be able to run this and play right off the bat, no edits. 
Just use the Desktop shortcut, press F3 when the map/bot program loads in game... add bots from the
So, please test this for me? Especially the shortcut on Win XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit packages.
This has SturmBot 1.7b. 
The installer also has...
A custom crosshair option (cycle through 16 types, press the "P" key)
Two custom command menus
An option to install waypointing binds

Guide for waypointing sturmbot here.

There are 585 waypoints added to the install, only other thing to do is to visit here for maps...

dodbits Steam 1.3 dod map downloads

...and download some custom maps.

List of waypoints added to the install.

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